Baby in her tummy

Almost everyday it amazes me and sometimes shocks me that, yes, indeed I am a Mom. It isn’t something I had seen for myself when I would daydream of my life at 26 years old. Yet, now I couldn’t see my life any other way. The experiences of being a Mom have been so good that I cry from happiness and so bad that I just cry.  Watching my daughters grow and change each day never bores me and motivates me to be a better person, learn as much as I can and to have an open mind. So, I hope that during this blogging experience I am able to share all the aspects of Motherhood in complete honesty. OK–so with that…Welcome to the Mommy Lounge!

On Sunday afternoon Journey gets the idea that she has a baby in her tummy. She pokes her belly out, rubs it and asks me if I want to “hold her?” I reach out as she takes the baby from her tummy and I hold the baby in my hand. “Put back!” she says and takes the baby from me to place back inside her tummy.  I thought to myself with a smile; if only it were that easy! But, the funny thing about that to me is that I had ACTUALLY thought that same thing. Right after labor I was sooo exhausted and started to realize that this was for real. It was such a relief to have gone through 18 hours of labor and to have my little bundle of joy beside me, but that was only the beginning!  Now without my baby belly in the way I could  sleep on my stomach or any way that I wanted! How exciting!–except now having to nurse a newborn every two hours wasn’t going to allow me to enjoy my new freedom of sleep positions. So,  in my sleep deprived mind I actually considered the idea of being able to “put the baby back” just for a little while so I could sleep just a few hours more!

Even now two years into Motherhood I don’t think I even have a favorite sleeping postion anymore. If someone was to ask me how I like to sleep I would say in a bed. Period.  In ways I’m still a little envious of people out there who sleep “in.” But, nothing beats those 7am good morning cries or hearing that little voice saying, “Wake, Mommy?” except maybe not actually waking up and sleeping in!



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