Leaf Rubbing

Here is a finished drawing along with materials; leaves and crayons

What you Need:

  1. Bucket or container
  2. White paper
  3. Broken crayons with the paper removed
  4. Piece of cardboard (at least the size of the paper)
  5. Toilet paper or paper towel tube

Trash to Treasure:

  1. Reuse empty butter container or coffee can for your bucket
  2. Reuse toilet paper or paper towel tube for your telescope
  3. Cut the front and back off of a cereal box to use as your cardboard

Let’s Play!:

  1. Using stickers, markers or crayons decorate your “telescope”, wrap your bucket with paper and then decorate that too! 10-15 minutes; time for your morning coffee or tea~!
  2. Find dress up items around the house to look the part of a “leaf explorer”
  3. Give the kids their buckets, take them outside and tell them to fill it up with all sorts of leaves. Let the little “explorers” use their telescopes to look for leaves, bugs, and animals. Unless you are experiencing inclement weather you should either slather on some sunscreen or bundle up, but let them get some fresh air. 15-20 minutes
  4. Leaf Rubbing Time!: Now place your cardboard down on a flat surface, then place the leaf of your choice on the cardboard, now place your paper over the leaf and rub with your crayon. Use a variety of crayon colors to make a beautiful picture!
  5. If you can’t get outside to collect leaves then just take a leaf from one of your house plants.

By your child’s age:

4-5 years:

  • They have the ability to categorize, so you can ask them specific colors, textures and shapes of leaves to find
  • allow them to count their leaves on their own and even write the total on paper

2-3 years:

  • have them follow the command to find as many leaves that will fit in their bucket
  • Sort through the leaves with them; helping them to group the leaves by color and size

1 and under:

  • let them crawl around to explore the leaves at their own pace
  • be near to narrate your babies discoveries
  • after 6 months they may be able to put the leaves in and out of the bucket

Mom Craft: Use a heavier craft paper and you can make your own leaf rubbings to make a card or stationary!

Have fun!–it is really simple and a way to burn some energy. Let us know how it turns out!


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