Not on the carpet!

“Life will throw you curve balls”.  There is more truth in that statement than most are willing to give it.  I remember envisioning the “perfect” life:  1st I was going to college where I’d meet the man of my dreams and get married,  we’d buy a brand new house, then we would have 2 kids and live happily ever after.  Ok-back to reality.   There is no such thing as the “perfect” life.  That is the one lesson that motherhood has taught me.   Not only did things happen in a different order but we have 3 beautiful children.  All we have is this very moment. 

Just like I things in life didn’t go according to plan, I never thought in a million years I would do some things I have done as a mother.  Yesterday Kiara  was eating dinner and swallowed a noodle whole.  It made her gag.  And, what was my reaction?  I didn’t run her to the bathroom, nor did I grab a trash can to catch the throw up.  I reached my hand out and caught it! (I know its gross, but you all know you’ve done it at some point!) There was never a time in my life before children that I would have ever caught throw up so it wouldn’t get all over the carpet.  Its crazy the things Moms will do to save us from doing extra cleaning…even catching throw up.


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  1. It is Thursday and I want to read what you have written, but there is nothing here. Well, I love you anyway and I want to see you make this site blow up, start putting recipes on here so that I may share them with the mothers that come in to pick up their children.

    I want to share ways that our parents can begin to help our students eat healthy as well.

    Love you!!!

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