Let’s have a parade!

What you need:

  1. Rectangular Tissue box (trash to treasure)
  2. Empty oatmeal container or coffee container (trash to treasure)
  3. Rubber bands
  4. Beads or dry beans
  5. Wax paper
  6. Decorating items; paper, crayons, markers, glue, glitter, whatever your heart desires!
  7. Toilet paper or paper towel tubes (trash to treasure)
  8. Empty water bottles with lids (trash to treasure)
  9. Chopsticks (if you don’t have drum sticks)
  10. Tape

Let’s Play:

  1. For your drum; Use the oatmeal or coffee container with  the lid on and decorate as you want, use your chopsticks to beat the drum! or hands!
  2. For your guitar; Take the tissue box and decorate and leave the hole uncovered, then take the rubber bands and pull them over the box length wise so that they make the strings. Make sure you tape the strings down on the back of the box so that they don’t slip off.
  3. For your kazoo; Cover one end of the toilet paper tube with wax paper and secure with rubber band
  4. For your shaker; Add as many beans or beads into the water bottle then screw the cap on. I like to add a little glue to the cap before screwing it on to make sure the beads don’t come out.

By your child’s age:

4-5 years:

  • They can decorate their own instrument
  • Let them cut shapes or whatever they want with your supervision
  • Play different Rhythms and have them repeat it back to you

2-3 years:

  • March around the house playing music with your child
  • Emphasize that that they are hearing the music with their ears

1-2 years:

  • Let your toddler play freely with the instruments



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