Mud Pie

Can you remember how great it was to play in the mud when you were a kid?  I Remember the feel and, although I hate to admit it, the taste of mud.  Me and my brother would pretend to be chefs in our backyard, making everything from steak to the ever so popular, mud pie.  Last night I was able to go back in time and “play” in the mud.  A friend of mine is in school to become an esthetician.  While in school, she has to do several clinicals in order to complete certain requirements.  So, being the great friend that I am, I went to her school last night to let her practice on me. It was an experience I would recommend for any one, especially moms.  I opted to go with out the paper bra they give you (I’m not very shy about my breast anymore since they have been on temporary loan since Kiara, and now DJ), but it is totally up to the client.  First, she rubbed me down with a sugar scrub. Let me tell you, after rinsing off, my skin felt sooooo good.  Then came the mud. Just like when I was a kid I was covered in mud, except this time I was mud burrito.  She wrapped me up in the mud and I  relaxed as the mud’s detoxifying properties went to work.  To make a long story short, after my mud wrap was over I felt refreshed and ready for what ever my kids had to throw at me next. 

Its hard as moms to do things for ourselves.  But it is something we all need to do.  Whether its a trip to get our nails done, to get a body wrap, or even 15 minutes with a good book, we all need some time to ourselves to regroup. Now I will be able to face the day refreshed and rejuvinated!



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