Tell Me Why

So, both of our mornings started way too early! It’s hard sometimes as a Mom to remain nice and pleasant at all times. Taking some time to lounge and sip your coffee or tea slowly is the key! We wrote some “tell me why’s” to hopefully give you a chuckle. Happy Friday!


  • Tell me why as moms we have the ability to multitask: cooking dinner, and cleaning all the while holding a baby on our hip. Ask our husbands to accomplish this feat and you’ll have total chaos.
  • Tell me why your kids can be happily playing by themselves, Daddy joins in.   After playing Daddy  says “Here take the baby”… Did I miss something, I wasn’t holding the baby before you started playing with them!
  • Tell me why having your baby really makes you remember to take your birth control…and maybe one more for luck!
  • Tell me why my 4 year old thinks she’s a famous shoe designer, cutting the strap of my Minolo Blanikas sling backs!
  • Tell me why the longest distance between two points is you, your two year old and the park.
  • Tell me why when you think you having a peaceful quite moment while the kids are playing, you check on the kids only to find a big mess.
  • Tell me why my husbands one mission in life is to get the kids riled up and then leave!
  • Tell me why ever since my two year old learned to undress herself my house has been turned into a nudist camp
  • Tell me why my husbands idea of cooking is buying pre-cooked food from the Whole Foods buffet
  • Tell me why no one told me that after I had pushed my baby out I needed to call and get them on the waiting list for preschool!

Bringing Sexy Back

Put on a pair of sexy panties today! Just wearing them will automatically bring your sexy back!


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