Baby Vultures

There are a few things about Motherhood we wish someone would have told us before we had the kids. The absolute first thing would be that even after labor there is still more pushing and prodding and whole bunch of unnecessary things that happen to you! Anyway on to the second thing we wish someone would have told us about before becoming a Mom. #2. The things that a Mom will never do alone again! Who knew that trying to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures like a lollipop would have the baby vultures flying in! So, today we are going to let you know (if you’re pregnant) or just recap (if you’re a Mom already) all the things you will never do alone again! Unless you get the in-laws to babysit or can get a babysitter or nanny, but if you are fortunate enough to be with the baby vultures 24/7 then we don’t even have to explain!

Things you will never do alone again!

  1. Sleep!
  2. Go to the bathroom–even #2! Can we also add, changing tampons!
  3. Have sex, unless you want to risk doing it with the kid in the room and chance them waking up and possibly scarring them for life!
  4. Eat a lollipop, ice cream, chocolate or any type of delicious treat! (but is it wrong to eat it in another room really quickly before the baby vultures see you!) Hee Hee!
  5. Have an uninterrupted conversation without all the repetitive, “Mommy,Mommy…Excuse me’s!”
  6. Watch what you want to on T.V. between the hours of 7am-8pm
  7. Did we mention SLEEP?
  8. Run a quick errand. Now the fifteen minute errand turns into a half a day errand. Remember to add 30 minutes per child to your estimated errand time. 😉

Three words I always love to hear; “More broccolli,please!”