Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail

As moms we are constantly doing a million things at once. At times, we all wish we were born with a third arm, and extra patience. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try to grow that third arm, we only have two.  But there is hope! Most of the melt downs our kids have is all due to our lack of a simple plan.  In a sense when you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Think about the last time you were out with your toddler and they had a melt down.  What was the reason?  Were they hungry or sleepy?  Maybe they were sick.

When we plan ahead; ie: remembering snacks, and nap time, we alleviate most of the unnecessary stress in our already hectic lives.  Keep in mind children have their own unique needs.  So although you  might have tons of errands to run, your child still needs down time, snacks and most importantly time to run around and “let the silly’s out” (Our kids love Yo Gabba Gabba) .  As the parent your child looks to you to set the schedule.   

As hard as it might be to follow them, making a plan will keep you from wanting to pull your hair out.  Especially today, with gas prices reaching over $4 a gallon, and food prices climbing, planning a menu is one great way to save money and time the next time you go grocery shopping.

Below is a link of a template I use when making my weekly menu plan.  It is broken down into to days, then the different meals.  I write down everything we are going to eat during the week, including snacks.  While shopping, I buy only what is on the list (being flexible for sales on meat, produce and dairy). That is key to saving money and time; don’t divert from your list! (Its okay to let the kids to grab a couple grapes or a snap pea! 🙂 ) During the week I might not feel like making what I had planned for dinner on Monday so I might make Thursdays dinner instead. But I know that all the ingredients are in the pantry.

Here’s a link to the template for the weekly meal planner weeklymenu. We hope this helps you on your next shopping mission!