” I have what on my nipple?”

Finally, I have some time to write.  I woke up to DJ’s purple stained face  (I’ll explain in a minute) only to realize he peed in our bed.  No wonder I was so warm 🙂 . LOL! Now that the sheets are in the wash and the mattress has been scrubbed I can get to the topic at hand; thrush.

About a week ago I had the most excruciating pain shooting through my breast.  So bad it was hard for me to fall asleep. The next morning I had a little white patch on my nipple.  I know sounds gross, but that’s how I knew we had thrush.  Even though I had thrush when I nursed Kiara, I still thought ” I have what on my nipple?”.  Its a little weird to think you have a yeast infection on your nipple and/or milk ducts. 

When I had it with Kiara, she was put on Nystatin and I was given diflucan. Everything turned out fine, in a few weeks everything was back to normal. But diflucan can cost $300-350 for the two week prescription. Although insurance will pay for most of it, I decided this time to find a more natural, and less expensive treatment for it.

After lots of research I decided to use gentian violet, in combination with grapefruit seed extract. (The links provided give dosages). I have had great results.  Let me tell you though, gentian violet is very messy, and stains anything it comes in contact with which is why Dj’s mouth is purple.  He looks like a baby vampire with only two teeth 🙂 .  I have modified my diet by excluding sweets and dairy (dairy wasn’t hard, I haven’t had dairy in almost 5 months, Dj’s allergic).  Personally I would recommend going this route first before taking any prescribed medications*. I’m not a doctor I just want to let you know what has worked for me in hopes that you have the same success. However, you do have to be very diligent with any treatment you choose as the yeast will grow back if you miss a dose.

If you have more questions regarding thrush or any other breastfeeding questions kellymom.comis a great resource. I will add more breastfeeding sites to our links. Please let us know of any other treatments you have used and/or breastfeeding resources.

I hope you have a great day!!!

Much love, Reneca

*any information obtained from this post should not replace the consultation of your doctor.

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