On this Mother’s Day, Spread Your Wings!

This Mother’s Day we want to urge you to really celebrate yourself as a Mom! We all have own individual style of Mothering. And what ever you do for your child, as long as you love them, is good for your child. Each day that ends is another battle won! So, if you are ever feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, discouraged or just feel like throwing the towel in just rmember that tomorrow is another day. No matter what happened the day before, good or bad, we can always start anew. Trust us your kids won’t remember the nights you made them cry to sleep! They will always wake up with open arms ready for hugs 🙂 .

We realized that being a Mom is so similar to the life of a butterfly. Before our children we endulged in our own wants and desires without a second thought. Just like the “very hungry catepillar” who only lives for eating. Preparing itself for another phase in life that it really can’t imagine at that moment. There are specific moments in our life that help us “prepare” for motherhood even when it’s not our real intention.

Then after the catepillar is big and fat with swollen ankels. She forms her chyrslais. Here is where another change takes place just like pregnancy. You are focusing on the next stage, after you child is born. Everything you do from here is a preparation for motherhood even though you have never experienced it. While the catepillar is in the chrysalis they are preparing to be a butterfly. They won’t know how to use their wings until the moment they break free.

Once the catepillar is free from the cocoon, something just clicks–they immediately flutter away! Once your child is born the metamorphosis is complete. All the preparation doesn’t come close to the feeling motherhood. It is slightly different for Mom’s though because we are human and most of us don’t live in the Now so much that we trust our first instincts. So, it takes time and practice for us to fully spread our wings.

So with that, thanks for doing the hardest job there is; being a mom.  It may not be all fun and games, but we are guiding the future generation. Take time this weekend to enjoy your children.  Be in the moment, be spontaneous, be goofy, be messy, just be you!

Happy Mothers Day!

Kalisha and Reneca


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