You’re the boss!

Hope this Monday is treating you well today! Just fresh off of Mother’s Day we are sure that everyone is feeling all warm and mothering today. 🙂 So, now that we have been told by everyone how great we are let’s really put it into action. As far as we go, we are both still pretty new to Motherhood. We are still learning how to be the Mom. Along with being Mom, it is important for us to learn how to run our homes just like a business. This is one step toward creating a happier no stress home. This goes for WAHM’s and SAHM’s. Among all of our other superhuman titles we are also our Home Manager. Here are some tips on Home Management:

  • Structure and Schedules are important to keep the organization in your home. We always find ourselves a little overwhelmed with chores and appointments and if we would just take time to write down daily,weekly and monthly schedules it would make it easier on us. So, our daily schedule should just cover mealtimes,naps and play times. The weekly schedule would cover the days you do laundry, run errands and attend groups. On the Monthly schedule you would set holidays and bill paying.
  • Give responsibility to everyone else! It is important to delegate duties of the house. Just because you are the Mom doesn’t mean you have to do it all. Children need chores to help build a sense of responsibility and to learn the skills they will need as adults. Spouses can also pitch in a little, even if it’s just making sure they put their dirty clothes actually IN the hamper.
  • Spa Days…make the time to pamper yourself. Try once a week to get a sitter or have your spouse take over for a couple hours, so that you can take care of yourself! There is a great hole in the boat analogy to this at . Don’t ever take away this time for yourself–the only way to have good home management is to have a good home manager.
  • Budget is one that we like to think about but some of us never do. Money problems can cause stress in other areas of your life. Making and sticking to a budget can help to avoid those problems.

This week let’s try to work on our home management! If you take your role as home manager seriously then your home will run more smoothly! Good luck!


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