Schedules are for Nerds!

One day as I was trying to play a game with Faith, watch Martha Stewart, shell and eat pistachios, and sew letters onto this felt square and talk on the phone I realized that I over multi-task! You think!? I kept thinking to myself how hard it was to do all this stuff and I couldn’t even pay attention to what Martha was saying. DUH! The idea never occured to me, but after giving it some thought I do over multi-task. Sometimes I pride myself in it. You know–let’s see how many things a one time can I do. Journey would say, “Super Mom! Dun dun dun daaa!” Accomplishing some Super Mom feat of changing a blowout diaper with my feet in the dark! HA!

So, going along with my plan to organize myself and my home I had to come to terms with the fact that I need a schedule. If only to keep me on track and make time throughout my day to just play and have fun with Journey and Faith, and if I’m in the mood have a lunch break with Brett 😉

I really don’t like the idea of schedules–never really have and never really followed any kind of schedule I would call myself making. But now is the time for me to get some self-disciplinge. I’m the kind of person who is always on time, but I really like to go with the flow–not by the clock. A crazy lady introduced me to the Power of Now and since then (and also since my watch broke and I gave up my cell phone) I hvae not been ruled by clock time. And the funny thing is I still do things at the same time just by instinct. If the girls and I go to the park in the morning then I check the clock before we leave and we always make it home by noon! Crazy…

Brett had suggested I make a schedule when I first had Journey. I always had a schedule of eating and nap times, but I resisted the schedule for myself thinking he was just trying to control me or something. In reality those are my own issues and he was just trying to help. Finally I have taken his advice and made a chore chart for myself and Journey too.

The whole point is to just free up my day so I’m not cleaning all day long. I made a firm before bedtime routine and when I wake up routine. One detail cleaning a day, sweep/swiffer floors everyday, and mop three times a week. So, now on Sunday I don’t have any hard chores to do–just laundry. Journey has one chore a week. I have a pic of her chore chart already in the computer so I will show you. She gives Sterling water, feeds Freddy, waters the plant, and if library books are due then she will gather them from the basket to return. So far things have been smoother and I’m not stressing about what needs to be done. Journey enjoys hers already. I told her that she will do one chore a day and at the end of the week she will get a special treat. Here is her chart. I made it out of felt and so when she completes her chore for the day she will move the corresponding shape under the right day, showing that she completed it.

I will post a pic of my schedule (did you know typing the word schedule is giving me such a hard time!) anyway, I will post one as soon as a can. Oh yeah, here is a mission statement that I found. I thought it was cool…

Housekeeping Mission Statement

To provide an inviting and peaceful household environment, for my family and all that enter, that is conducive to living simply,loving deeply and laughing abundantly. I will make strides everyday to achieve this by practicing and teaching good daily habits and routines along with effective organizational skills. I will graciously and cheerfully serve my family and genuinely enjoy my commitment to creating a home sanctuary that is above all else pleasing to God.

Pretty much sums it up. My goal is to not over  multi task so that I can fully focus on one chore at a time. Then I won’t feel overwhelmed and always like something is not done. Because it will be done! Hope your week goes well. Ok–before I go I have to vent about this. I wake up early every morning to have some quiet–and today and yesterday actually Sterling has been awake too! And his toenails are clicking the floor and I don’t know why he keeps following me around so early in the morning. Driving me crazy!

Take care, Kalisha



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