Start chores while they are young!

Since we are on a schedule/chore kick; why not get your kids involved too. Children benefit from having a role in the daily operations of the family. It teaches them responsibility and how to start, follow through and complete a job. It is better to introduce chores at an early age and show them that they are a natural part of family life now when they are eager and open . You can start your child off with chores around 2 years old. There are different types of chore charts that you can make or print from the internet. Below we will list some ideas for your child’s age.

Age 2-3:

Toddlers will be the most eageer to take on small, easily mastered tasks that make them more self-sufficient. Make a chore chart that lists each child’s job using pictures to illustrate the task. With Journey’s chart we used felt pieces and pictures so when she completed the days chore she could match the picture with a felt piece to visually show she completed her job. It is important to keep their excitement and the habit of helping alive with encouragement and fun. By making their chores like a game they are more likely to enjoy.

  • Dust with a sock on their hand; Using googly eyes and some yarn make the sock look like a favorite animal or person
  • Pick up their toys; make believe the toys need to go to sleep in their “garage or toy box bed”
  • Putting dirty clothes in the hamper
  • watering plants; fill a squirt bottle for them to use to water plants
  • feeding a pet
  • turning off the lights as they’re carried from room to room
  • taking napkins to the dinner table each night
  • help unload the dishwasher

Age 4-5

Preschoolers are ready to do chores without constant supervision. Rewards are very motivating so using a sticker chart that allows you to build up to bigger rewards can be appropriate. Tying chores to an allowance is a great option and it fosters independence in choosing a reward. I have a revision for this post. I just spoke with my mommy group leader, Karen, and she strongly suggested to not use rewards. That doing the chores was enough and to make the child understand that doing chores is just apart of daily life and how they contribute to the family. Simple praise and acknowledgement is good enough.

  • All the above chores plus;
  • carrying/putting away groceries
  • help out in cooking/preparing good
  • set the table
  • daily/weekly care of your pet; brushing, help with bath
  • vacuum with a dust buster
  • clean up their messes

Age 6-8

At this age they may or may not still have their childlike enthusiasm, but they do have an overwhelming desire to be independent. You can guide them to become independent in thier chores and using a chore chart to keep track of their responsibilities both completed and pending.

  • All above chores plus;
  • take out trash
  • fold and put away laundry
  • take care of pets without help

If you have a child older than 8 yrs then you can check out this website with age appropriate chores. We made a sample chore chart using this really fun and FREE program. You can see it here. These are just examples you can customize your child’s chores to fit your family lifestyle. Remember to encourage–not nag and always keep it fun. Goodluck and happy chores! 🙂

Kalisha and Reneca




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  1. Hi, thank you very much fro coming to my blog. :).

    I really like your blog, so informative. Even though I don’t have a children yet, but I can apply this to my nephew and nieces.

    i remember when I was young, my dad told me and train me to go to farm, which sometimes i felt it’s unfair cos I am a girl, but I can see the very good result from that. I become a tough woman and at same time humble, because I know where I come from.

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