Name Alphabet Book

e thought of this idea because our kids are at that age when they should learn their names and begin to identify the letters in thier names. It’s something fun and educational to do together! We will post some pics of ours by the end of the day (it is way past that day and we still don’t have a picture because we haven’t had the chance to do it. Which is not an excuse. It has to get done or my kids will never get into preschool! I’ll use the famous line of my daughter Journey, “Just jokin’!”) . We would love to see your books too! Feel free to leave them in our comment section.

What you need:

  • thick paper, cardstock, cardboard, etc.
  • crayongs, markers
  • construction paper
  • glue
  • sciccors and kid safety sciccors
  • tape
  • yarn or string
  • whole punch
  • camera
  • old magazines

Let’s Play!:

  • Determine how big you want your book to be and then cut out your paper/cardboard all the same size
  • Using crayons and markers draw the letters on one side of the paper. You should have one letter per page for each letter in their name.
  • Or you can cut out the letters from the construction paper and glue them to the pages
  • Now you can start finding pictures or taking pictures of things that correspond with each letter. It is cute to use your childs picture as the first letter in their book.
  • Once you have all your pictures glue or tape them to the back of the letter page. Do this for all.
  • Punch holes into the “binding” of your book and thread yarn through to hold it together. Enjoy your book!

By the ages:

Under 1

  • You make the book for your baby. You and your baby enjoy together!


  • You make the book for your toddler. Read to them; using open ended questions and guiding them to recognize the letters and pictures.
  • Can decorate their letter page with crayons.


  • Decorate their letter page.
  • Help pick out the pictures that go with their letters
  • Help glue letters and pictures to the pages
  • With help use safety scissors to cut out pictures


  • Write or trace the letters and decorate by themselves
  • Cut out pictures and glue them to the pages
  • With help tie knots to put book together
  • You could include short sentences describing the pictures.
  • Have your child recognize the letter and the phonics of that letter.
  • Have them read their book to you.

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