More Spinach please!

Happy Monday!  If you don’t have a clue what to do for lunch or dinner, here are two recipes that our families loved! Wouldn’t you love to hear your kids say those three words? “More Spinach please!” Try one or both of our recipes and they will. More spinach never hurt anyone–there are a multitude of benefits from eating spinach. Try it and see!

 Mexican Lasagna (de la cocina de Reneca)

6 wheat tortillas

1 jar of your favorite salsa

3 c. cooked or 2 cans of black beans

2 c. coby jack cheese (or your favorite)

2 c. raw spinach

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.  In a 13×9 pan make a small layer of salsa, enough to coat the bottem of the pan. Put a layer of tortilla over the salsa

 (  Add a layer of beans, cheese, salsa and spinach.  Then add another layer of tortilla, beans, cheese, salsa and spinach. Top with the remaining tortillas and top with salsa and cheese.  Cook for 25 mins or until the cheese is nice and bubbly. Wait 10 minutes before serving. ¡Buen provecho! 

Spinach Taco Salad (de la cocina de Kalisha)

1 bag of baby spinach (rough chopped)

1 c of pinto beans or black beans; heated

1 med. chopped jalepeno (optional)

1/2 shredded cheese

1 c corn (I used frozen corn and heated it according to package directions)

a couple handfuls of baby carrots; sliced long ways

1/2 c mild or hot salsa

1/2 c crumbled tortilla chips (for garnish)

Combine all ingredients together and enjoy! This is also a good salad cold or hot. Journey loved eating this salad. Picking out the spinach while Faith loved the corn and beans. It is a good lunch idea for any age especially a picky eater because they can choose what they want to eat out of the salad.

 Spinach has more nutrients than any other food, containing 22 vitamins/minerals. You can find more information about spinach at WHFoods website. It helps fight cancer, increase brain function, better your eyesight, as well as iron for energy. Spinach is great for pregnant or breastfeeding women because of its high iron content, plus it is fat free! Eat more spinach! Speaking of spinach my spinach “garden” is growing so well. My sprouts are almost 3 inches tall and I’m very excited to harvest my own spinach.

If you have a recipe that uses spinach then leave it in our comment box!

Reneca and Kalisha