L is for Ladybug

Since spring is here and we are nearing summer it is a good time to get outside and explore bugs! Our bug of the day is the Ladybug also known as the Ladybird Beetle. The ladybug doesn’t just come in just red and black, but also orange, tan, brown or gray. It may have polka dots or stripes and some have as many as 22 spots and while some have no spots at all. The ones that we are most likely to see are red or orange with spots. It is the world’s most favorite bug and in some parts of Germany it’s the Ladybug and not the Stork that is said to bring newborn babies! Very Cool! What do they eat? They eat aphids, mites and other small insects. The ladybug is truly our bug friend. It can be used as a way to get rid of pests in your garden without using pesticides since the ladybug has no predators. You will find them in your garden; on grapes, apples, potatoes and corn.

After learning all of this we have a new appreciation for the Ladybug. Today get out and explore–go ladybug hunting and also here is a craft idea for inside play.

Ladybug collage

What you need:

  • colored construction paper or plain white paper you can color
  • scissors
  • crayons, markers

Let’s Play:

  • Cut out a red oval for the body, cut out a few black dots for the spots, and a half circle for the head, cut out a green leaf shape
  • Have your child glue the green leaf on the paper
  • Then glue the body, head and spots
  • Draw on the legs with a black marker and there you have your ladybug!

 For the older kids you can let them do most of the project by themselves. Give the younger kids guidance, but allow them to paste their ladybug parts where they want since art is an expression of themselves.

We found a really fun all ladybug website that gives facts, activities, coloring pages and more craft ideas! Check it out!

Have a great day and we would love to hear about your ladybug adventures!

Kalisha and Reneca



One Response

  1. My daughter is wild about ladybugs, so I’ll definitely give the craft a try!

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