Could it be OCD?!

Ever since our girls turned two we have noticed some changes in their behavior patterns. The more we take notice the more the behavior resembles OCD also known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. So, here are the signs…

Signs our Two year old’s have OCD:

  1. When wearing jackets she insists that they be zipped all the way up. No exceptions.
  2. On a sunny day she is wearing a button down dress with a cute tank underneath, so for fashion purposes I want the top button left unbuttoned. Not happening. Two year old needs all buttons buttoned.
  3. Categorizes baby dolls by color; vanilla and chocolate 🙂
  4. Categorizes blocks by color
  5. Lines up everything
  6. While playing with toy animals she likes to match the “babies” to the “mommies”. So, when the baby tiger doesn’t have a mommy she refuses to accept that the tiger and the lion are both cats and can be paired; but insists that the tiger and the zebra can be matched. Stripes. Duh.
  7. When asked to set the table with napkins and forks, she unfolds all the napkins to a big square and places the forks directly in the center.
  8. While coloring she has to have all crayons of the same size and shape. No crayon pieces and no big fat crayons.
  9. When using the potty she has to face the bathtub at a certain angle in order to  her business.
  10. Couldn’t think of anything else but we needed an even number. It’s the OCD in us I guess!

Even though we are joking around about OCD; it is not a funny matter. OCD affects many people and is a serious problem. As far as our two year olds go–they aren’t OCD. It is very common in young children for them to be compulsive as a way to make order in thier world. According to our child development expert, Karen, she says that young children are just trying to figure out their world. They have a need to complete the tasks the way they should be; all buttons buttoned and all zippers zipped. They behave compulsivley to have some control of the lives in which they don’t have much control. Young children sometimes behave with superstitious behavior because they performed the task a certain way the first time and it worked so that is how they do it from now on. So, if you feel your two year old has OCD–don’t worry it is just developmnental. If you have any questions about your kids behaviors then leave us a  comment and we will get it answered for you.

Have a great weekend–and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Lounge Tip #3!

Reneca and Kalisha


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