M & M’s in the Trail Mix

On Sunday night I wanted a snack while we read stories to Faith so I brought out a bowl of Trail Mix. It wasn’t until I opened the Tupperware that I realized that there were chocolaty treats mixed in with the peanuts, raisins, cashews and dried cherries.

Journey and Faith immediately zoned in on the M & M’s! Journey claimed all orange M & M’s hers, and watched every removal of an M & M to make sure no one took her precious orange ones. Faith was so adorable. She would place a hand on each knee and lean really close to the bowl peering into it searching for an M & M. And if it wasn’t directly on top she didn’t think any where there or she would wait for me to pull another out and take it as her own. I didn’t mind. I found the whole thing so funny and amusing I just let them eat only M & M’s.

I put Faith to bed and she fell asleep fine. Journey had run into my bedroom and jumped in my bed. I noticed that she had her fist clinched really tight around something. And when I asked what was in it she tried to hide under the covers–white covers! I realized it was a fist full of M & M’s–bedtime reserves she did not plan on releasing. When I did managed to talk her into prying her hand open it was all one big chocolate mush. Isn’t the saying for M & M’s “melts in your mouth and not in your hand”? I don’t think that’s true for two-year-olds.

My lesson was learned though. Now I know to leave the M & M’s out of the trail mix if I’m ever to get them to eat the nuts and dried fruit. Or just give them a whole bowl of M & M’s and get down to business!

Journey refused to go to bed and was a little amped, so while I wrote this post she had to watch an episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 in order to stay awake with me (Hee Hee :-). And when I put her to bed I went straight to the kitchen to devour the rest of the M & M’s out of the bowl. I like to think of it as damage control because I don’t want them eating anymore M & M’s out of the Trail Mix.


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