Kids need space too!

We all know the importance of having your own space.  Often times it is just a small place that you read, journal or twiddle (crochet).  Just as it is important for us to have own space our children need a space of their own.  The benefits are endless.  You will have less kid clutter around the house. Having their own space will teach them to respect their belongings and keeping things clean and organized. Most importantly it is a place they can play unrestricted.  

What kind of space should you provide for your child? Here are a few Ideas…

A Book Nook:  Provide an area for reading.  I doesn’t need to be big, a corner will work just fine.  Throw so cushy pillow on the ground and voila, you have a reading nook.

Construction zone:  This area has blocks, cars, balls, anything that will help them with their gross motor skills.  This area can even be outside in the yard or at the park.  Give them some space to run, jump, build, and play without restrictions.

Imaginative play: In this area provide them with dolls, animals, puppets.  Help get your child’s imagination going by introducing scenarios, for them to act out with their dolls. In this area it would be nice to include things that will allow them to mimic things they see us do.  A kitchen, tool kits,  medical kit, and lots of dress up clothes!

Music spot: Everything musical, drums, cymbals, shakers, radio, and microphone.  Sing songs help build your child’s vocabulary. Let your child play or sing freely as well as with your guidance.

These zones do not have to be large areas.  In fact they don’t have to be individual areas.  They can be one area with individual bins for each “zone”. Be creative and utilize the space you have.  

 Have fun!

Kalisha and Reneca 🙂