Tackle it Tuesday

My tackle today was done out of boredom and a little necessity. For the past 3 weeks I had been crocheting Reneca’s wedding favors; these little sachets.

I finished the last one yesterday morning so when all of the kids were napping–I felt I had nothing to do. More like things “I didn’t want to do.” I didn’t want to do the dishes, I didn’t want to fold the laundry, I didn’t want to do anything. But I opened up the girls art cabinet to try to put something inside and this is the sight that haunted me.

 I was going to put that off too, thinking I wouldn’t have the time to finish because it seemed like such a mess. I buckled down and tackled it! Here is the after…

I keep all of my cardboard cereal boxes and stuff, but I hadn’t gotten around to cutting them up. So, I cut out the fronts, backs and sides and recycled the scraps. I put them inside of an freezie pop box and now they are all in one neat place.

That was my tackle for today. You can see what other people tackled at 5minutesformom and to see what my two year old Journey tackled head on over to my personal blog page ajourneythrufaith.

Have a great day! Kalisha