I’m getting Married!!

So I’m getting married on Saturday.  Well lets say we are having a more formal ceremony.  We planned it really quick, less than two months.  Also, we are spending as less money as we possible can, while still having a beautiful ceremony.  During the whole process of planning I had a realization.  Weddings these days have increased the emphasis on all the glitz and glam of the day, rather than the implications of the spiritual connection. Not to say that those who end up spending thousands and thousands of dollars do not have a spiritual connecton, but what really is the point?  Why spend that money, when you can still have a beautiful ceremony and stay out of debt and possibly even put money down on a house. 

We live in a very commercial society. Brides these day should dodge shows such as “Platinum weddings”, and “Bridzillas”.  While, I find them to be comedy, many look at them as a source of inspiration and comparison.  There is not many who can really afford to foot a huge wedding bill.  So why do it?  The whole point of marriage is to join two people together. To most its a spiritual day, which has nothing to do with Swarovski  crystals or a famously designed dress. 

As my day approaches I feel so content that I am sticking to my values, rather than going with the status quo. With that I have 9 more pew decorations to make, so have a wonderful day.


Much love, Reneca


One Response

  1. Wow! Congrats!

    I agree with you on weddings. My husband and I got married about a year and a half ago. Just us and our two daughters in our backyard with Justice of the Peace. We told everyone afterward by delivering flowers in person to all our local relatives. Very simple. We probably would have at least had a ceremony if we had any money at the time! Nothing wrong with a little celebration!

    Hope your wedding is fun!

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