How to Lounge…Tip#7

First I want to give Reneca and her future-husband-to-be Duan a huge Congratulations on their marriage today!!!! I know they are both feeling a little anxious, excited and maybe a little stressed before for the big event. So, I want to give them all my blessings–can’t wait to see the pictures!

Well, on to our Lounge tip for today, Journaling. I have always found it hard to keep an ongoing journal. I always start and stop without any real focus, so then it gets boring to me. Or I just use it to vent about my bad days and never think to write in it when I have great days.

I have read that journaling daily is a proven method to relieving stress and to improve your well-being. Journaling on a daily basis about can help us to sort through and make sense of our problems, allowing us to solve our problems with less stress. So, here are some tips on how to journal to relieve stress.

  1. Create a routine; Ask yourself a morning check question every day. For example, “What am I going to do today that will support just me?” or “What one thing do I want to accomplish today that I have not had time to do?”
  2. Create a record of what we need to keep doing, stop doing, do less of, or do more of.
  3. This is an exercise to Define what or who is causing the stress in your life. Then write about and define why. Then ask why again to those answers. Keep asking your self why to your answers until you find the real reasons for the stress. 
  4. Journaling should be a treat that we can use to help us express ourselves fully. Find a quiet time and a quiet place to journal.
  5. One important thing is to not let the act of journaling become a stress in itself. Do what you can when you can and enjoy the time you get to lounge and journal.

Have a great weekend! See you tomorrow for Speechless Sunday. Kalisha and Reneca!


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