Is chivalry dead?

What ever happened to chivalry?  When did it become okay for men to look out only for themselves?  Yesterday, in the middle of making our pinwheels my mom called for help with her flat tire.  I packed all three kids up and headed to her.  The tire was so flat that driving to put more air in it is out of the question.  The only option is to change it.  I jacked the car up, took off the lug nuts and the tire, put the new tire on, and tightened up the lug nuts.  (Through this whole deal its about 90 degrees!) I’m sweating like I just ran a marathon, DJ’s crying and the girls are going ballistic in the heat, when finally a young man asked us if we could use any assistance.  By this time we were done, so all I could say was “no, but thank you”.  I really wanted to say was ‘Thanks for being the only man out of about 10 who drove or walked right passed a grandmother, 2 kids, a baby and a mother changing a tire in the middle of an Albertson’s parking lot.’ 

Okay, I do know how to change a tire, and we weren’t in the middle of know where; so we weren’t in any real danger. However, a generation or two ago men (suit and all) would have loved to come rescue a woman and her kids.  When did chilvery die?  Thats my question.  After thinking on it for awhile one word kept popping in my head.  FEMINISM.  Don’t get me wrong, the feminist movement has given woman so many  great advances.  We are able to do pretty much what ever we want.  But this I can do everything, don’t need the help of a man attitude, has left  me with an aching back.

My back is not the only thing that has suffered because of this feminist attitude.  Many woman prance around like they do not need a man, and guess what, their men leave them.  (Who would really want to stay where they are not needed.) So now you have tons of women raising their children by themselves, only to start the cylce again when their sons do the same as their fathers. There are men who are just jerks, and would be jerks no matter how a woman treated him.  But, there are lots of men who want to take care and protect a woman.  I guess the real question isn’t where chivalry went; but why will we not let men take care of us? Really think about it, when was the last time you let your husband do something for you? Like take out the trash, or open the pickle jar.  I know you can do yourself but men need to feel like they are needed to. 

Kalisha and I have read a great book that touches on this point. The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by    Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  If you have a chance you should really buy it or check it out at the library. 

Take care of yourself, your husbands and your children.

Much love, Reneca