Tackle it Tuesday…Gratitude

Lately, I have found myself being so irritable and my patience is wearing thin. It has been the situations that last a few seconds that I let affect me and overshadow my moods. It could be a temper tantrum performed by Faith or a fake shrill scream that Journey howls when she is very mad! I don’t want to be the grumpy mommy this week. I want to be able to give my family 100% of me. This week for Tackle it Tuesday I want to change my mommy-tude. As I was thinking how to change it I realized that I need to learn to fully focus on the things that I am grateful for.

Gratitude for the traits my family have that I love them for…

In so many ways Journey, Faith, Brett and even Sterling (shown in no particular order) teach me how to be gracious–I just need to open my eyes.

At times when Journey is so thankful and happy for something I had granted her (like maybe an extra potty treat) she will says so sweet and sincerely, “Oh! Thank you, Mommy! I love you!” Her deep felt gratitude for something so simple helps me to learn how to hace gratitude in even the smallest things. Thank you, Journey.

Then there is Faith. Everyday she asserts herself in many ways without hesitation. I can’t believe the determination and independence she has all packed into her 16 month old body. She is her biggest cheerleadder. If there is something she wants to do she will loudly declare, “Idodat!” and with the task completed she will clap for herself. Thank you, Faith for teaching me to have confidence and to be grateful for my many gifts and talents. Idodat!

Now on to my partner, lover and friend (in no particular order), Brett. I really can’t figure out how to put my love for him into words because I know deep down that I truly am so deeply in love with him. It is like a sense of peace. We have been through some pretty hard times and some really good times. But no matter what Brett always percerviers and never stops trying. I am so proud of him for that. Last night we were hugging and I had told Brett, “Thank you for everything” and he says, “Well, I try.” I know he tries–he more than tries, he never stops. Besides the obvious things he provides us (shelter, food, clothes) he does things out of love and gratitude for us. Everyday when we go to the park he will straighten up the house. If I am too sleepy to finish straitening up the house at night he will do it. He brings up small tokens of his love, a candy bar or special treat. He is amazing at organizing and last night he cleaned out and reorganized the freezer! Amazing in itself! lol So, Thank you Brett for allowing me to see that gratitude comes in many forms and never stops! It is in everything. There is nothing in my life that I shouldn’t be grateful for.

Where do I begin with my beloved Great Dane who thinks he is a poodle and can sniff out pepperoni pizza a mile away? His form of gratitude is in the form of unconditional love. No matter how frustrated I get with him he is always so excited to out for a walk. I can tell him to “go lay down!” a million times and he will always approach me to lay his head on my shoulder for a hug. Weird. Dogs truly understand what it means to be grateful. They just love. So, Thank you Sterling for teaching me that gratitude comes from unconditional love–seeing only the good and quickly forgiving the bad.

Already I feel my mood lifted. I truly feel so blessed for my family. I didn’t think my tackle this week would be so important to my life. I want to have gratitude and show it more. And to do that I will be more conscious of seeing the good and quickly forgiving the bad. I will have gratitude for the smallest things. I will be confident in myself and have gratitude for my talents. I will never stop showing my gratitude. I will always have unconditional love.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


4 Responses

  1. Yes, this is something I can always work on. You’re post was uplifting to read. Thanks.

  2. What a sweet post! Great tackle! 🙂

  3. Awesome tackle!
    Sometimes in the midst of my hectic life, I forget what really matters..thanks for reminding me ((hugs))

  4. I have days when I feel like I need to work on my mommy-tude too. Gratitude really is the key. We have so much to be thankful for. Thank you for the reminder. Great post!

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