How to nurse and entertain your older children

Reading while nursing DJ, (3 weeks old)

Reading while nursing DJ, (3 weeks old)

As a nursing mom with other children we both know its often hard to balance time with the older siblings.  Here are some ideas that you can do while you are nursing your child.

1.  Read to them:  While you are nursing, pull out a book and read to the older kids.  This will help them feel included with the new baby, as well help build their literary skills.

2.  Do a puzzle together:  Puzzles are always fun, and easy to do (a child’s puzzle) while nursing.

3. Create a special “Nursing Box.” Fill it with special toys only to be played with while you nurse the baby. You could include; small books, sticker book, crayons and paper, cars,  small animals, aquadoodle paint with water, baby doll (that your child could pretend to nurse with you), etc. Really just anything that your child would think is really special. You want the box to be a positive experience that lets your child know that even though you are nursing and some of your attention is on the baby–they are still important and only they get a special “Nursing Box.”

4.  Sensory play; lay down a towel, fill a small tub or big bowl with cornmeal or rice and let your child use cups and spoons to entertain themselves. Put some small animals or trucks inside for added fun. This will help them to develop fine and gross motor skills. Even if you can’t physically play with them it is beneficial for you to narrate and talk them through the process.

5.  Sometimes your nursing schedule might fall around the same time as eating meals and snacks. Perfect!

6.  If you watch TV; then while you nurse your older child can watch a favorite educational show with you.

No matter what activity you do with you older child just keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be elaborate. All they want is your attention so make it a priority to include them in the process and be patient. It takes double the time with more than one. Also, never give up even if it does get difficult. Goodluck!

Kalisha and Reneca


3 Responses

  1. Those are great ideas!

    I also learned to nurse in a sling, so that my son and I could go for walks, go to the park, etc. while I was nursing.

  2. Thank you… these are great ideas.

  3. Oh, yeah, I remember those days! I had a hard time at first realizing that I couldn’t just doze off nursing my second child the way that I always did when I was nursing my first! Once I totally gave up on that notion things were a lot easier. I could even nurse and help my older daughter get on the potty!
    Kalisha, I’m so glad your daughter likes our blog! Tell her we said Hi!

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