Breastfeeding is natural!

Why is that after the thousands and thousands of years humans have been on this planet it is now with our modern “wisdom” we see fit for our infants to suckle from a plastic bottle? Further more, why has the breast been cast off like a sexual object rather than a source of nourishment and love for babies? Of course their is legitimate reasons for a baby to have to be on formula. Such as when a single mother has to work to keep a roof over the baby’s head, or if she medically cannot produce milk.  In most cases, however, it is another way that our society has fallen into a paradox of commercialism and craziness.

Breastfeeding is the most natural thing (not saying it is not hard to get the hang of, I had lot of issues when I began nursing) on the planet.  Babies are born with the rooting reflex which helps them to nurse.  In fact right out of the womb baby will latch on to mothers nipple and nurse.  But somewhere in the course of time it has become almost tabu to nurse, especially in public.  It is almost hysterical that in today’s society, we allow breast to be shown in movies and TV but for a woman to nurse in public has been frowned upon.  Instead we insist that a woman covers up the baby and breast which can be very awkward especially for a new mother.  A side from the awkwardness, in the summer months the poor baby is sweating bullets under even the lightest of blankets or cover-ups.

Last year 9/14/07, Bill Maher had some interesting things to say about a woman who was asked to cover up in an Applebee’s restaurant.  From time to time I do watch his show, but this clip really shows the state of mind many people have.  It is funny how  breast have been so sexualized, that a woman nursing is now an intimate occurrence. Considering that there is more breast shown in bikinis than is exposed while nursing discreatly without a cover, it is the fact that breast have been made a sexual object that makes it so offensive.  Take a look at Bill Maher’s show and let me know what you think.

If you think about the millions of dollers that the formula manufacturs make it is very apparent that formula feeding will surley not go away anytime soon.  It us up to us to educate thule woman around us and our daughters about the bennifits of breastfeeding for both baby and mother. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Much love, Reneca


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