Top 10

Top 10 things that have been covered in Poop:

  1. The usual floor
  2. The usual carpet
  3. The  usual rug
  4. A spoon, fork, plate and tea pot from the girl’s teaparty set
  5. A few crayons
  6. Small plastic carebears
  7. One tiny plump butt
  8. One blue blankie
  9. Tiny toes and feet
  10. Tiny plump hands! (Made me almost gag!)

Written by Kalisha:

So, for the past week and a half Faith has had a diaper rash. About a week ago I had to start treating it with a little tube of cream usually meant to fight jock itch. Gross. Well, it worked and now her bottom is no longer red. During the time she has had her rash I have let her go without her diaper as much as possible. Setting myself up for the above top 10. There has been a time when Faith laid a perfect turd on the tile floor. I came into the room; there they were hovered over the poop that was still in perfect form. They just stared at it with Journey saying, “Sissy, pooped.” The other times haven’t been so lucky.

During my course of cleaning up the messes I have asked Faith, “What were you doing?” “How did poop get in certain places? Why was it all over the tea party things? Journey and I joked about that one saying that Faith was having a poop party! Either way I had to laugh at it. I did expect it because I knew she was going bare bottom. It is always better to laugh anyway.

Laugh more today! Thank goodness it’s Friday too!

Kalisha and Reneca


2 Responses

  1. This reminds me of potty training my second son. I would walk into their room and there would be poop everywhere. Sometimes I would have to marvel at the complicated physics involved with getting one little tiny turd to spread so thinly.

    Awww, you just have to laugh!


  2. I really like your storytelling tips. I guess I had never thought of doing that yet because he’s only two but as time passes, I will definitely keep your tips in mind. Your blog is full of wonderful info and the breast feeding post, I agree 100%. Isn’t it sad how people get grossed out about one of the most natural processes to sustain life, breastfeeding. It’s only been around since biblical times.

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