Dish Buddy

For about the last month I have been washing my dishes by hand after every meal (almost after every meal). I do have a dishwasher, but it’s broken. It only sprays water on the bottom and sometimes doesn’t spray the water towards the soap container so I used to have crusty soap stuck inside after every wash. I know what your saying–get it fixed! Already tried that a few time. We rent so the landlord has sent out a repairman and each time he threatened to have us pay for it if it broke again. The last time the repairman came out I tried to watch to see how he took it apart to fix it. He found small bits of food and paper and even a blueberry stuck down there! I really don’t know how that got in there. I always rinse our plates before putting them in the dishwasher. Ok–to make a long story a little shorter. I can’t fix the dishwasher, I think it is the same problem and I won’t ask to get it fixed because it cost $115/hour each time. So, I have been doing dishes by hand.

When I had a working dishwasher I would still dread unloading it. Letting the clean dishes sit in there forever. Now that it is unused I let the dishes pile up in the sink until Brett makes a comment and I wash them. I really don’t try to make them pile up, but I get busy around the house and I really don’t want to wash them. Sometimes he gets so fed up that he will put them in the dishwasher (all any kind of way). I guess out of sight out of mind.

Now when I do get the inclination to wash the dishes I usually call Reneca. We both believe that we do chores a little better while on the phone with each other. It kind of makes me feel that I have a dish buddy even if it is long distance. I will turn on my radio or a CD, open my kitchen window, put Reneca on speaker and get down to business!

I was missing her the other day when I couldn’t get a hold of her and I had to do the dishes and clean the kitchen. As I was washing, then rinsing, then drying I realized that things should be done in pairs. I needed a dish buddy. Everything gets done two times as fast and it makes the chore more fun. 

I guess I’m just announcing the fact that not only is Reneca my best friend, but she is also my honorary dish buddy. From now on she must be available when I do the dishes so that I can do them with a smile on my face and have some company besides the two little rugrats that are pulling on my leg crying for more “Applejuice!” and “Boobie!”

These last few days though I have been keeping up with the dishes a little more. I try to do the right after we use them. I have tried to fix the dishwasher myself, but I didn’t have any luck. I guess I could make it my tackle to either fix the dishwasher or quit acting like a scared little kid and tell the landlord it is broken; again. I don’t know if I really want the dishwasher fixed then I won’t need my dish buddy anymore. Which by the way Reneca’s dishwasher is broken too! So, we need each other right now!


Dish buddies forever (DBF)!


5 Responses

  1. Thats comedy!!! Speeking of dishes, I’m about to do a load so I hope you’re home!

  2. Dish washers are over rated! They take up space and a lot of the good dishes everyone has, you can’t even put in the dishwasher! Their good for glasses and silverware. the rest I hand wash!
    Stop by my tackle for a continuation of my front porch makeover!

  3. Wow, I’m nursing too – a 7 month old and I also nursed my first two till they were 1, they never got to the point of asking for it!!! I don’t know how I would handle that!

  4. Mine hasn’t worked right for a long time, had several repairmen out. Last one took it apart and pulled out a rubber band and other gross stuff, and we all rinse them well! I wonder if your disposal is draining into the dishwasher, ours was a little bit and may be how the food is getting in there. Maybe you can find a cheaper handyman that wants to fix it? Surely your landlord wants to save money!

  5. What a bummer! I would think your landlord would just replace the thing. That would be cheaper than 3 hours of labor. Glad you have a dish buddy though…Talking on the phone does make housework a little more tolerable. haha 🙂

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