Homemade coupon organizer

What you need:

  • same sized envelopes
  • cardstock or firm cardboard type paper
  • pen
  • hot glue or elmer’s glue
  • fabric scraps

What to do:

  1. Choose an envelope for each category of coupons. Some typical categories include meat, dairy, snacks, fruits and vegetables, bread products, cleaning products, laundry products and frozen foods. Look through some of your coupons to make sure you cover all necessary categories.
  2. To make the envelope sturdier lick the envelope and fold it inside the envelope.
  3. When your envelopes are ready, and are marked with their particular categories, it’s time to make a container for them. A piece of cardboard or stiff paper will work well. Cover the cardboard in fabric or paper to make a pretty design for your coupon organizer. Or, use stiff scrapbook paper instead.
  4. Lay the paper or cardboard out on a flat surface. Place the stack of envelopes on the paper. Fold the bottom part of the paper up and over the envelope stack. The paper should rise above the top edge of the envelopes, and extend an inch or so beyond that.
  5. Now fold the top of the paper over the top of the envelope stack, until it meets with the paper which is already folded over the envelopes. Trim off excess paper. Poke a hole in the cardboard or paper, at the front center edge of the top piece, then insert one end of a rubber band. Place a bobby pin through the rubber band to hold it in place. Or, you can glue or tape the rubber band end down.
  6. Where the bottom edges of the envelopes meet the paper, glue in place. You’ll crease the paper or cardboard well, and that will outline the area which requires the glue. Spread the glue on then place the stack of envelopes into the glue, aligning the bottom of the envelopes and setting them into the adhesive.
  7. Now glue the sides of the paper together. The paper should be only slightly wider than the envelopes, but wide enough so that you can glue the sides of the paper or cardboard together to form a pouch. Now you can use the rubber band to clasp the organizer. Since the rubber band is tacked down, on the back side of the paper or cardboard, you’ll just wrap the rubber band around the envelope stack, to secure.
    You can make tabs for the categories, if desired, by simply gluing on a small piece of thin cardboard and stamping it with the name of the category. *I just wrote my categories on the inside back flap of the envelope so that when I looked down at them I could see the categories inside.

Source: Associated Content

I ended up making two of these. The first on I made with small short envelopes, but I didn’t follow the directions and make sure that I had all of my categories before I glued it. So, I make another one with longer envelopes that I like much better. The categories I made were; Juice/Fruit/Veggies, Pantry, Snacks, Meat, Dairy, Frozen, Toiletries, Cleaning and Laundry, General Household (batteries, nose tissue), Restaurant/Drug Store, Misc. (Rebates), and an envelope to keep my grocery receipts. Now that I have my coupon book I feel a little more organized at the grocery store.

Let us know how you organize your coupons. And if you make you own let us know how it turned out! Have a great Monday!
Kalisha and Reneca


4 Responses

  1. Way cool! Thanks for this great tip. I”m always loosing my coupons!

  2. Sometimes a happy face can be a challenge all by itself. Glad to here you’re making fine progress.
    Best wishes

  3. Thank you for posting the directions for homemade organizer. We’re going to try it as a craft for our MOPS group! Wish us luck!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this. It is just what I have been looking for. It is a way to stay organized and save money…I can always use a little more of both.

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