We didn’t know computers were green?!

As you’ve noticed everything is going green; from our cars, homes, food, clothes and now even our computers. As Reneca and I were chatting the other night we realized that we didn’t know that there were eco-friendly computer companies and we found an online warehouse that has the best selection of eco-friendly name brand products such as Canon, HP, IBM, Sony and Apple. Superwarehouse.com is offering a great selection of name brand products from environmentally conscious companies.

One of the first companies in the printing industry to create a printer toner cartridge recycling program was Canon. Their cartridges are 100% recovered with zero landfill waste. Now we are all about reducing waste! We’re glad that Canon has created their Generation Green intitiative to become more eco-friendly. Canon also makes the power supply casings for the current pixma printers from recycled plastics.

Superwarehouse.comcarries such a variety of home and business office supplies that it is easy to find your favorite name brand company. Since I have a Sony camera  I wanted to look into getting a new eco-friendly photo printer for my digital camera.  Shopping at Superwarehouse.comis the best bet because as Mom we always want to be efficient with our time and money. You can browse online 24 hours of the day and they have some amazingly low prices. So, as I was looking for a Sony photo printer I learned that Sony has gone green too! Their packaging consists of 100% recyclable material. Sony also has reduced the hazardous elements inside their notebooks. Now that Sony has gone green their notebooks are lead free.

Who knew there was lead in our laptops?! Reneca and I were really shocked to find that out. At least the companies are taking it upon themselves to remedy the problems and create more environmentally conscious products.

Reneca is learning to be the Queen of Green! She cooks from scratch and can buy organic on a budget. But when it comes to her home business she needed a green upgrade. Her old printer is slow and problaby wasteful.  Since Reneca is in business for herself she is always using her printer to print business cards or flyers. She wanted to find a printer that would be faster and better suited for her high level of printing needs. When going to the website to shop for a printer the first brand that she looked for was an HP printer. As she was growing up her family always used HP printers. At Superwarehouse.com they give you descriptions of the many different types of HP printers that they have. With this detailed help it allows you to choose the printer that best fits you. The HP printers were reasonable priced and most of them were in stock. It’s good to know that HP ranks at the top of the EPA-certified “green mark” products. Products with the “green mark” are low-pollution, energy-saving and recyclable.

Since Christmas is coming up and we all want new computers to support our blogging habit, take a look around Superwarehouse.com. It is your one stop shop for all the home and business office needs with the best selection of eco-friendly name brand products.


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  1. I had no idea computers were “green” either – but it’s a great tip to know! Thanks for the interesting info!

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