lounge tip# 12: Snuggle Bed

If you have kids it is often hard to find even 15 minutes to your self just to relax.  So instead of trying to get away from the kids, relax with them. All you need is a day without much to do and a bed.  Here’s what you do to create a snuggle bed of your own:


  1. Make sure you have a comfortable bed of your choice, (i.e. memory foam, waterbed, airbed, etc.) that you already enjoy using and know well.
  2. Set up one day a week, to just ‘relax’ in bed. It should be a day when you do not have to go to work. If your children are school age, make sure that there is no school that day either.
  3. Choose your method of bed relaxing.
    • Everyone get up, wash, and have breakfast. Then they can head for the bed for some relaxation and recreation.
    • Remain in bed, and wait until the kiddies come scrambling up on your bed, and welcome them with open arms.
  4. Wait until the hugging and kissing, and laughing is subsided. Then allow each child to talk about things that interest them. Listen to each of them, if there is more than one child. Talk to them about your interests. Share with them, and laugh with them. Make it a very special moment.
  5. Look to see if they brought a book with them. If so, then read it to them, or if they are old enough to read, have them read it to you!
  6. Relaxing in bed with your little ones, is a moment that you will never forget. It is also a time just for all of you, also referred to as a ‘special time’.
  7. Know that the rest of the week may be filled with work or school, but this one day, is the special day for all of you. A time to just relax in bed together!
  8. Visualize in your bed: Lay in your bed with comfort position, you can close your eyes, or make your eyes focus in some point in your room (still make them relaxed), then imagine in your mind beautiful things (landscape, deep blue sky …); or about your future: what is your vision? What will you do in 5 years, 10 years; remind your self-image- how are you when you are perfect- ect. To imagine good things make you feel relaxed. And this is also a good preparation for your future!

Source: wikiHow


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