Well, last week my tackle was to get excited and just be happy. I think I accomplished my goal for the most part. Always with the help from Journey–she would remind me to get excited by asking me to say, “Holy Moley!” and “It’s what I’ve always wanted!” when she would give me surprises usually a flower, leaf or stick. There is always room for more improvement, but I’m not doing too bad.

My garden is sprouting up very well. I have about 10 chili peppers that are still green. I want to pick them when they are red so I don’t know how much longer I have to wait. I did get a chance to pollinate my zucchini, but now it doesn’t seem to be growing. And yes I did say zucchini as in only one. My lone zucchini–I hope it grows big because I’m hungry already! I guess I have to take the advice of monkeybreadtree and relax and just let my garden grow…

I have a very important decision weighing on my mind so it is making me have severe writer’s block.

I want to share with you again a post I had written previously on my personal blog page. If you’ve read it already then I apologize–you will have to read it again. And if you’ve never read it then it is your lucky day! lol 🙂 But before I do I want to send out my prayers and support to another blogging mommy who is going through a tough time; extraordinary mommy.  She needs advice and support from us. Recently, she has been plagued with unexplainable headaches, loss of vision and numbing. On my down days I usually read her blog to give me a pick me up. She always writes about the cute and positive side of motherhood that we all need to acknowledge when our days are clouded with crying and whining and poop!


Just Let Go!  July 19,2008

Well, today is a lazy day…Faith is napping now, Journey is eating lunch of turkey sandwiches, broccoli and cauliflower. While I’m typing this she is demanding “More sandwiches! Come on!” and “Please more!”  I’m feeling a little down because Reneca is getting married right now at this moment and I’m not there. We just didn’t have the money to go and I know she understands, but I’m just upset that I have to miss it. I didn’t have any control of that situation so I probably should just let it go and not beat myself up about it.

I find that I usually have a lot of things that I just have to let go of. I realize that it isn’t healthy to hold on to guilt or grudges, but it is hard to actually let it go.

It is amazing how kids can allow you to live free and take each moment without hesitation or thought. It is a little reckless to do that, but how amazing it feels to not be bogged down with worries or stress. I had this lesson taught to me the other night when Journey and I were playing.

She had been doing somersaults on our bed and slipped off of the edge–then immediately decided that was the best thing ever. So, I made her a mountain of pillows on the floor and she would roll right off and come up squealing from the pillows, “Do it again!” Then after a few times she asked me to join in, “Try it, Mommy!” At first I hesitated (why do we do that?). Then I figured why not? It really did look like fun. So, I lay down on the bed and started to roll once, then I pretended to be afraid and said “Journey I’m scared!” Well, she put on a little devilish grin and just pushed me straight off!

And for a short second I felt a lightness. Then I hit the fluff of the pillows–so fun! Some of you might be thinking that I probably need to get out more if I think rolling off of the bed with my two year old was the highlight of my day. Well, as funny as it sounds–It was the best! Journey gave me the opportunity to just let go and play. To not hesitate and just be free. If only for a second.



2 Responses

  1. Glad your gardening is going well. I’ve been meaning to grow one – maybe next year! I’ll check out extrordinary mommy’s blog. Hope she’s feeling better!

  2. I loved this…what a great reminder. Kids have such a great outlook on life. We may need to try that…:)

    P.S. There’s a little link love for you on my 100th post – #15.

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