Lounge tip # 13: Meditate

I know meditation seems like it would be very easy to do. All you do is sit there in a room with some candles, by your self, right?  Actually it a bit more involved than that.  The key thing with meditation is that your are supposed to be without thought.  It’s harder than it seems, especially since as moms we are always trying to stay one step ahead.  Here is a clip that explains what mediation is and gives some tips on what to do.


Have a peaceful day. Come visit us tomorrow for Speechless Sunday!

Reneca and Kalisha


One Response

  1. Reminds me of when I was in high school and there was a meditation class offered at 5am. It sounded cool and different so I showed up a few times. Unfortunately, the process of trying to be “without thought” at 5am means actually falling asleep and waking up when you hear people putting on their shoes to leave! I never did stay awake through the whole session.

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