Ooh La La!

Have you ever noticed that when one person is pregnant, everyone gets pregnant?  It’s like there is some kind of prego bug in the water.  Well, we have so many friends who are expecting that we have been searching for the perfect gifts for their new bundles of joy. We came across a very cool online baby store, Lala Baby Boutique. Unlike many of the other sites we visited, Lala Baby Boutique has very unique items for both mom and baby. It even has a several things that dads will enjoy. 

We haven’t seen such distinctive children’s furniture anywhere. They have many unique stools, table sets and chairs to choose from. They also have a really cool rocking horse.  Aside from the one of a kind looks of the furniture, several are hand painted while others are made from eco-friendly wood.  We are always happy to see things that are made with the environment in mind so this really stood out to us.  We give Lala Boutique extra points for providing a whole section of organic baby products which include shirts, diaper bags and slings.  When ever possible we should support organically grown cotton because of the large amount of pesticides used to grow regular cotton.  Did you know that cotton uses 25% of the worlds insecticides and 10% of its pesticides?  That’s a lot of pollution that affect not only the environment but the farm workers.  70% of the conventional cotton produced is genetically engineered (GE). The more GE crops are grown, the more spraying is done; adding even more pesticides into the environment 😦 . So, check out the organic products at Lala Baby Boutique.   

Of course while shopping for friends you cannot help but notice a few things for yourself or your own little ones. They carry the cutest Maternity T-shirts that excentuate round baby bumps and also cool baby t-shirts that give even little one’s big things to say. There is one shirt in particular where they must of been thinking of DJ when they made it.  It has his motto written across the front of  it: ‘Break out the Boobs’.  🙂 LOL!  They also have a breast cancer cure shirt that I want to get the girls (some shirts have sizes up to 6t) in remembrance of my Aunt Debra. Shopping around the La La Baby Boutique was really fun.  We enjoyed how easy it was to navigate through the site, and looking at all the new and trendy baby items.  If you still don’t know what to get the prego in your life may we recommend the MetroWrap baby wrap. There are several designs to choose from and they are really hands free.

Check it out.

Reneca and Kalisha


2 Responses

  1. I’ve been over to the LaLa Boutique and I agree, their items are very cute & unique! Great find!

  2. if you are looking for baby bedding and maybe some other nursery furniture, feel free to check out serena’s & lily’s line at the heavensgatehomeandgarden site. they are currently offering a $100 e-gift certificate w/ the purchase of any 3-piece baby/nursery bedding set — happy new year! 🙂

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