What will happen to us?

I was really worried when Journey turned two. I was worried that I would lose my sweet lovable little girl to the grips of the terrible two’s. Some moments have been a real challenge, but for the most part since Journey turned two she has been able to express herself more. Now we have had glimpses of the terrible two’s; like when she wants to assert her independence, but now halfway through the two’s she has become more verbal. I really melt when she wraps her tiny arms around me or gives me one of her very long wet kisses. She will tell me all day, “Mommy, I love you.” And her newest is when she says to me, “You are my best friend!” She also bursts out with, “You are the best!”, at the most random times. But each time she says either of those phrases to me it fills me up with so much joy and I really know that she appreciates what I do for her even if her brain is only two years old. Someone understands.

I have never been a very affectionate person so that is one of the things that made me fall head over heels for Brett because he is very very affectionate. I realized that I needed that in my life. Human affection is the most natural thing. We need and survive by touch. I’ve seen shows where kids have been locked in closets or abandoned and never touched or held by anybody and when they grow up they are not like humans at all. They are scared and could never be the same. So, when I saw this program on TV I was really shocked and really creeped out.

I had no clue that there is already a working robot out there in the world, ASIMO Humanoid Robot! He even has a new live show at Disneyland. I’m not at all excited or happy about this. I saw this little white and black robot walking around serving water and coffee to people in an office building. My fist thought that I expressed to Brett was, “What will happen to all of the people when robots take over their jobs?” I know it is a far fetched thought because they probably have to make a million more of these things to really have a big effect on people, but if they already have one that I was even oblivious to–there may be more.  It even talks and knows its name, ASIMO (ah-see-mo). ASIMO climbs up and down stairs, can kick a soccer ball, run, conduct a symphony, charge it’s own battery, and they say even gives expression and interaction.

So, what will happen to us? I am very worried about the way things are “progressing.” Reneca and I have talked about this sort of thing before. I don’t like the way technology is evolving. I like the telephones (landlines) not cell phones because people need a break and privacy. You shouldn’t be able to get a hold of someone 24/7. Leave people alone after 5pm so they can spend time with there families. I like the choice of screening phone calls–leave a message and I will call you back! I obviously like some parts of the Internet (blogging and emails), but elicit materials should be banned. With the invention of this robot that can do so much–just like a human. Will we eventually have robot nannies? Robots in our home taking care of our children. If this happens because it really could, what will happen to human interaction, affection and our roles in society?

I have always craved the simple kind of life. One of the best times I have every had was when we went to Cypress Springs, TX for Brett’s parents 40th anniversary. We stayed in a house with two bedrooms, a kitchen and living room. One small TV that we never turned on. Nobody had cell phone reception and we spent most of our time outside, walking, fishing and out on the water. During that time I felt like myself–it was amazing. When I was a little girl I would draw pictures of myself swinging under a huge willow tree out in the middle of wildflowers. I want that for my family even if it sounds a little kooky.

 I don’t want any part of where this technology is going. I don’t want ASIMO bringing me water or kicking a soccer ball to my children. It may seem like a game at the moment and so cool that ASIMO can perform all of these functions but when are people going to stop? And will they be able to stop? I have so many questions running through my mind that all I can do is shake my head.

What will happen to us in the future when little two year old arms wrap around their robot nannies exclaiming, “I love you ASIMO! You are my best friend!” What will happen to us?



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  1. True, true. That robot reminds me of those toys that read goodnight stories to your child and even “ask” appropriate open-ended questions throughout!

    By the way, I LOVE that quote about cleaning with children around is like shoveling during a blizzard. I might need to take up cross-stitching or something just to have that up on my wall!

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