Usually bedtime isn’t that much of a struggle at our house, but in the past few days Journey has been like a little rabbit; hopping out of bed with every excuse imaginable.

  • Not even five minutes after I have tucked her into bed she comes out of the room; “I grow big girl now!” This excuse stemmed from Daddy telling her that it is important that she go to sleep so that she can grow into a big girl and be nice and strong! Taken very literal by a two year old.
  • A few minutes pass and then she comes out of her room to tell me, “I don’t want to grow. I not sleepy.”  After tucking her into bed I tell her again that she needs to stay in bed and go to sleep.
  • Then she pops out of her room to say, “I scared of the dark.” This is a new one that she began telling me a couple of nights ago. I tell her that it isn’t dark outside because the moon and the stars are shining down on you.
  • I think that I am home free when about half and hour passes and no sign of Journey, but then I hear the creak of her door. She walks out like a zombie, “I not sleepy.” She may say that but she looks very sleepy. I walk her back to her bed and tuck her in. I make sure she has her special baby, Ariel, to cuddle. Then I pretend that Ariel talks to me. I tell Journey that Ariel needs her to hold her so that she can go to sleep. Journey wraps her arm around Ariel, but then tells me that Ariel is not sleepy! I smile to myself because I can’t believe that she turned my little trick around on me. So, I don’t really respond to that comment but continue to give Journey and Ariel a kiss and a hug. Say ‘Nite, Nite. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.’ I give one last warning to stay in bed and do not get out anymore. OK–finally bedtime.
  • But it doesn’t end there…I hear a sleepy little request for one last, “kiss you mommy.” I oblige. Goodnight!

She doesn’t always put up such a fight to go to bed, but she has her moments. I’ve noticed since her vocabulary has grown so have the excuses. She has thrown one temper tantrum over going to bed, but I blame that on the chocolaty treat that was given to her before bedtime. It must be a two year old thing because Reneca’s daughter Kiara can come up with some good ones too.

  • She has refused bedtime by telling her, “I have to do homework!” Homework?! Well, tonight your homework is going to sleep. Nice try.
  • She also using the, “I’m afraid of the dark.”

When Reneca’s five-year old was two she would tell Reneca she would say to her, “I have to protect you!” Which being a Mom of only one at the time Reneca would fall for allowing her to cuddle and fall asleep with her.

What excuses have your children come up with to squeeze a few more minutes in before they actually fall asleep? Leave us a comment and let us know! Hope you have a great weekend and see you tomorrow for Lounge Tip Saturday. TGIF!

Kalisha and Reneca


2 Responses

  1. Oh, goodness, you guys have it easy! My four year old usually takes an hour to fall asleep with me laying beside her. Seriously. If she falls asleep in half and hour I don’t know what to do with myself! She needs a drink. She needs another drink (we keep a sippy by the bed). She fidgets She tells me she can’t go to sleep. She doesn’t want to take a “long sleep”. The girl just does not like to sleep. She hasn’t napped since she was 18 months old. I’ve read books, I’ve tried everything.

  2. We have tried to stop laying down with them to get them to bed because some nights it just seems like it takes forever, and if my husband does this he always ends up falling asleep in their beds snoring loudly, sometimes while they’re still awake! A couple times we’ve fallen asleep first in our own beds and then woken up later to find them playing with the lights on! Kind of funny, though, so we don’t get too upset with them!

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