Lounge tip #14: Crochet/Knit

Kalishas crocheted childrens sweater

Kalisha's crocheted children's sweater

Lounge tip # 14: Crochet/Knit

We hope this finds you well on this gloomy Saturday (its cloudy and cool in Denver).  Let us remind you of how important it is for us to take time for ourselves. Being a mom is a 24/7 job, which is enough to make even the sanest go nuts.  For the last few months Kalisha has taken up crocheting.  She has gotten very good.  I’m secretly super ecstatic that she has learned not only for all the great presents she has crochet for us, but also for the sanity it grants her for even a short time while she twiddles (as Bret, her husband calls it).  Seeing how it has relaxed her I recently have taken up knitting.  It can be very challenging but very calming. 

Well how do you start? I found a really great website KnittingHelp.com, it has detailed instructions, including videos on the different stitches. It would be the first stop if to learn. Also go to youtube.com, type in learn to knit or crochet and a plethora of videos will come up. Google is a great place to start as well. There you can find how to’s and tons of free beginner patterns.

Knitting or crocheting is not just for ‘grandmas’ anymore. So don’t think you’ll be aging yourself by trying a new craft.

If you already knit or crochet we would love to see any of your projects.

Come back tomorrow for Speechless Sunday!

Have a great day!
Reneca and Kalisha


4 Responses

  1. This is so pretty! I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit, so you are my inspiration! I’ll have to check out the website you recommended.

  2. I like that a LOT! 🙂

  3. This is gorgeous. WOW! What a talent :).

  4. That sweater is very sweet! I’m a crocheter (is that a word?) myself. I am envious of your talent, though- I’m only up to scarves and similar simple easy projects. I don’t have the patience or the skills for anything much more complicated! I usually stick to sewing and other crafts.

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