All Children Are One…

This past Friday I purged a lot of stuff that was crammed in our back patio. We had someone come and check the gas and it was so junky that I was embarrassed to let him back there. I kept asking if he was ok! Well, I decided after hearing Brett say “we need to organize that patio” a million times which really means I need to do it. Which is fine. I’ve come to terms that when he says “we” referring to a chore he means me and that something has gotten to the point of no return and it really needs to be done. So, to start I put all the girls to bed and headed into the hole.

I went through all the boxes making piles of keep, trash and sell just like they do on Clean House. I set aside a bunch of my old toys, barbies, dolls and books for Journey and Faith to play with. I put all of my old college textbooks in the sell pile–I don’t know why I kept them? I read a blog and now I don’t remember who said it, but it was a good point stating that we must keep our old textbooks around to kind of prove we have an education. But in reality there have probably been about 5 edition updates since the last time I even cracked a book open. I threw a lot of stuff away, swept up piles of leaves and spiders! Eek! Big fat black ones and all those creepy crawly bugs that hide in the shadows! My goal was to make one side the storage and then the other side a kind of private patio getaway. I have a table and two chairs that I still need to spray paint and I want to get a few plants to put back there so that it looks better. I didn’t take any pictures, but I will once I set it all up nice. Well, in the midst of all this I found a book called One World, One Heart. I can’t even remember how I received this book, but it has a lot of amazing uplifting poems. One that I want to share with you now and I have a few more that I will share in time.

All Mothers Are Sisters, All Fathers Are Brothers, and All Children Are One

When you interact with children

you must always keep in mind

that everything you do and say

has an enormous impact on their lives

If you treat children

with love and respect

it will be easier for them

to love and respect themselves and others

 If you treat children

with freedom and honesty

it will be easier for them

to develop confidence in their

abilities to make decisions

If you treat children

with intelligence and sensitivity

it will be easier for them

to understand the world

If you treat children

with happiness, kindness and gentleness

it will be easier for them

to develop into adults capable

of enjoying all the beautiful things in life

Take Care!



3 Responses

  1. Wow. That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I think we’re all trying to teach our children those things. Or at least I hope everyone else is.

  2. Hi, I just gave you the “I love your blog” award. Stop by mine, to snag your button and get details on how to pass it on.

  3. Great message! I love the poem…and it’s so true! Also, your daughter is adorable!

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