E is for Elephant

The letter of the week is E.  Here are some fun things you can do 

  • * Go to the zoo and see the elephants. 
  • * Eat an enormous egg plant, eggs, empanada, or enchiladas.
  • * Play letter E  games.
  • * Sing letter E songs.

To make your letter E page you can draw the letter E or print out one of these coloring pages. Find pictures in magazines that begin with the letter E and paste them on the paper. Or draw your own pictures!

Letter E craft idea: Paper bag elephant puppet

What you need:

  • paper bag
  • Gray paint or gray paper ( or whatever color you want your elephant to be)
  • printer
  • crayons
  • glue
  • printer paper
  • wiggly eyes (optional)


  • Print out the template of choice (color or b&w)
  •  Color (as required) and cut out the template pieces. 


  • I’m going to walk through this slowly.  Look at your paper bag. 
  • It should be closed and flat like a piece of paper.  Just like when they are brand new.
  • On one side, it’s all smooth.  This will be the BACK of your puppet
    • It’s important that all the kids get the back and front straight at the beginning!
  • On the other side there’s a flippy tab (which is typically the bottom of the bag when you’re carrying your lunch around…)
    • This flippy tab will be the HEAD
  • Lift the flippy tab up a bit.  Underneath of the tab will be the mouth,
    • When the child puts her hand in the bag, she’ll be able to make the puppet talk.
  • Look at the rest of the front of the bag.  (The 3/4 or so of the bag below the part with the flippy tab)  This will be the BODY.
  • Look at the sides of the bag.  There should be a FLAP of paper. 
    • We’ll be slipping the arms (template 2) into this flap.
    • If the kids goof and glue the arms onto the front or back of the bag, it isn’t a big deal.
  • OK, now that we’re comfy with our bags, let’s craft!


  • Grey Elephant:  Cover the paper bag with grey paper (just glue it on and trim) or paint the paper bag grey and let dry.
  • Glue the tongue underneath the flippy tab so you can see a tiny part of the circle sticking out when the flap is closed.
  • Glue the hair tuft at the top of the head
  • Glue the eyes onto the HEAD just under the hair tuft.  If you like, you can use wiggly eyes instead of the paper template pieces.
  • Glue the tusks from the back side of the trunk.
  • Glue the trunk onto the HEAD.  It will hang down over quite a bit of the BODY.  Make sure you just put glue on top of the trunk (where it touches the HEAD) so you don’t end up gluing the mouth shut.
  • Glue the ears onto the sides of the HEAD (the second ear is on Template 2).  Like with the trunk, make sure you only put glue on the part of the ears that will be touching the HEAD … not the parts that will touch the BODY so you don’t end up gluing the mouth shut. 
  • Glue the ear middles onto the ear


  • Glue the arms into the FLAP.
  • Glue the tail onto the BACK

Don’t forget to come by next week for a fantastic F craft!

Have a great day

Reneca and Kalisha


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