Big Green Jewels

This was too funny and very gross. Journey, Ruby, Faith and I were leaving the park when I looked down at Journey walking beside me. She had her finger deep in her nose and when she pulled it out the biggest green shiniest jewel I had ever seen came out and it landed just above her lip. Simultaneously we both quickly went into recovery mode; I opened my stroller compartment for something to swipe the big boogy jewel from her before she could get to it and she tried desperately to reach the boogy jewel before I could. I snagged it before she could get back to it.

“Got it!”

“Heeey, give it back!”

“Oh, no I’m not. And what do you need it for?!”

“I want to eat it!”

Can you believe she said that? It was the truth, but still. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had seen her eatthat thing! So gross! Where do kids learn how to eat their buried treasure? Maybe just out of curiousity one day they dig it out and try it? Then from then on they love the salty maybe chewy and a little slimy feel and taste of it? I don’t know…it’s not like I know or anything.

When Journey was a baby she would always sneek her little chubby hand into Sterling’s dog bowl and eat his dog food. I thought that was a little disturbing and a few times she ended up chewing and swallowing it before I could get to her. Besides I was too grossed out to try to dig it out of her mouth. I figured a little dog food wouldn’t hurt. So, eventually she grew out of that phase and now she is on to digging treasure.

Both are equally gross, but I would much rather her eat the dog food now than eat her big green slimy boogy jewels! Yuck! Ok, I can’t talk about this anymore. I have to go make breakfast! -Kalisha

Well, Happy Friday! Glad we made it through the week all in one piece except I left my brain somewhere around Wednesday. It’s ok, now it’s the weekend and I don’t need to think for a few more days. See you tomorrow for Lounge Tip Saturday!

Kalisha and Reneca


One Response

  1. I’m gagging and giggling now!

    This makes me think of my almost two-year old, Sophie. She puts up a mean fight when I try to retrieve “treasure” from her nose. I try explaining (Why? I don’t know! There’s no reasoning with a toddler.) that I have to get her boogers out.

    NOW…when in public, she often grins, wiggles her little finger at me, and says rather loudly, “I GET YOUR BOOOOGERS!”

    Out of the mouths of babes….and noses! 😉

    Great post….checking out some more!
    Rena Gunther

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