Right now I am balancing two squirming toddlers on my lap for the last hour. It is now 7am and nothing is done. Faith woke up aroun 6am (right when I was about to shower), I could hear her calling for me from her room. So, Faith has been like a little wet booger attached to me all morning. Even trying to use the bathroom was painful because she followed me crying very loudly. I’ve tried all sorts of distractions; yogurt, Barney, and bunny cookies. Nothing has worked. So, this is one of those mornings that I wish I looked like this lady. I need more arms! Or a disguise which ever one comes first.

 Ok…smaller picture than I thought. Sorry! I’m just going to go brush my teeth and try to get myself together. Wish me luck today. Here is a poem that I found along with the picture–it is really cute. I might have a different one to post later.

Mom, you amaze me with all the things you do.
Is it the eyes you have in the back of your head?
Do you have as many arms as an octopus?
Are there rockets in your shoes?
Do you keep a giant pile of cue cards in your pocket,
with all the right things to say?
Do you strap heating packs to your arms,
to make your hugs extra warm?
Can you slow down time with a magic clock,
to fit all your tasks into one day?
Whatever your secret it, it’s safe with me.
All I know is I’m the luckiest kid there could ever be!


4 Responses

  1. It’s amazing we didn’t grow an extra pair of arms by now. But we’re great at mulit-tasking! Yeah. Thank god for naptime.

  2. That poem totally rocks!

  3. Yea! Multi-tasking is very important. We don’t give ourselves enough credit as mothers sometimes. I always joke that men can only do one thing at a time, but we cook, clean, read stories and fold laundry in a 20 minute time frame. Still the work is never done. I really need those extra arms soon…

  4. Great poem! Sorry your little one is so cranky this am. I know how that is! I tell my girls all the time that I wish I had eight arms like an octopus!

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