Letter F

Continuing on down the alphabet line our letter for today is F. How fun! There are many fun things to do today that are letter F related that both the kids and Mom will enjoy.

Take some field trips! Call your local Fire station and let them know you want to stop by and check out the firefightersfiretrucks. They are usually willing to show the kids around and let them sit in the firetrucks and touch stuff they normally wouldn’t be able to. Journey, Faith and I went with a friend of theirs and they all had fun. They got their very own fire hats, they slid down the pole a few times and loved being inside the truck. The firefighters told us that if we give more notice that they would fill up the fire extinguisher so that the kids could spray it. That is for the next trip!

Another fun fieldtrip could be to the flower shop to visit a florist. A good idea to call ahead for that one too just in case they are busy. Try to pick a mom and pop shop so that maybe the kids could be a little more hands on with helping prepare a bouquet or something. I would feel comfortable with both my daughters because they have learned to sniff flowers and not pick flowers. I have never tried this but thought it would be fun, you know. If we do it I will let you know how it goes.

Some more letter F activities:

  • Sing some songs! Our favorite is Hurry,Hurry Drive that Firetruck!
  • Play games!
  • Have fun snacks; fish-shaped crackers, french toast, fruit salad, fish sticks, real fish (Mmmm…catfish)
  • Also, you can tell fables or stories to your children. One of my favorites is the Fisherman and His Wife because of the moral that material things and riches won’t bring you happiness. True happiness lies in your ability to love and be loved.
  • This story is referenced from First-School.com, but one of my favorite versions comes from the HBO Family channel series Happily Ever After.

Source: Everything Preschool

Now for our Letter F page activity;

What you will need:

  • White paper or contruction paper
  • Tissue paper or small strips of green colored paper
  • googly eyes (optional)
  • glue
  • markers, crayons
  • anything else to make it fun! buttons, glitter, shells, etc.

What to do:

I like to make each alphabet page personal and allow Journey and Faith to be able to create their own art. So, here is what we will do for letter F today. Print out or if you can draw a frog then cut out the outline of a frog shape from paper.

Cut out a big letter F and glue it to the far left of the paper. The frog will sit on the far right. Get creative and organize the page to look like the letter F and the frog are both sitting on lily pads in the middle of the pond. Speaking of in the middle of the pond we just returned that book to the library and it is the cutest book about friendship! Ok–correction it is called, In the middle of the puddle / by Mike Thaler. Check it out!

Now that everything is glued down let your kids color and decorate the pond scene however they want. From as early as 12 months old it is healthy for a child to be able to participate in crafts projects. From 12 months old to 3 years old children who do crafts exercise their fine motor skills, it improves manual dexterity and understanding of visual-spatial relationships. I got this tid-bit of information from a book I’m reading, Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarten by David Perlmutter. I didn’t get it to make my kids smarter, but it gives reason behind simple childhood games and how they help development. I will be sharing more interesting facts as I read more.

Well, that is letter F. Let us know how your frogs and your F’s turn out. Also, since Reneca and I are in different time zones we usually try to have our new posts up by 8am California time. Is there anyone that reads this on the east coast and are very annoyed that you don’t get a new post from us until like 12noon your time? Just wondering? We could get up extra early to make sure things are posted on a timely manner. We could try 🙂

Have a great Wednesday! Until next week–Letter G.

Kalisha and Reneca


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  1. My daughter, the Frog Princess, loves your worksheet this week. She is creating her masterpiece as I type this. Thanks so much!

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