“Live in Our Skinz!”

My eyes have truly been opened to the importance of sun protection. I was shocked to find out that skin cancer is most deadly among african-americans, asians and latinos. I am african-american and growing up in Colorado I never saw the importance of using sun block or wearing a hat on a regular basis. I remember before we went swimming or to the amusement park, my Mom would make my brother and I put on sunblock, but other than that I didn’t wear any. I figured that since I was darker complexted that I didn’t need sun protection. Now that we live in California and my daughters are of mixed race, sun protection for them has become important to me. We frequent the park so much that I have thought about setting up a tent out there and I always make sure they wear sunblock. Hats are another topic. Those sometimes stay on and usually end up thrown on the ground somewhere along the way. Well, I found the solution of excellent sun protection along with style!

Journey and I had the opportunity to try out a very cool uv swim shirt called UV Skinz. I had her wear her Hot Pink/Orange “Olivia” style shirt all day; to the grocery store, park, walking Sterling and she liked wearing it so much she wanted to wear it to bed! After we first put the shirt on I asked Journey a few questions to get the two-year old perspective on this new swim shirt:

What do you think of the shirt?

“It’s pretty!”

(She looked down at the shirt and pointed to the UV Skinz logo)

“I like these.”

Is it soft?

“Yeah…very soft!”

It looked like a very comfortable and soft shirt. She got many compliments on the swim shirt and the color complimented her skin tone so perfectly. I felt good about her wearing the shirt all day because I knew that it met the Australian Radiation approval of excellent protection with a 50+ UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). UV Skinz is a one of a kind product and they have distinctive attributes; the “silky smooth material has just the right blend of nylon and spandex, flat-locking stitching throughout the entire garment to eliminate irritating seams, a unique ‘name tag’ in the collar to keep track of the kids’ shirts and a fun and popular silicone bracelet for the kids to enjoy as an added bonus.”

It was like an added bonus for Journey to have her special bracelet and Rhonda even sent an extra one for Faith. It had the slogan, “Live in our skinz!” written on it and I couldn’t agree more after trying out this swim shirt. Not only is the shirt of the highest quality, but UV Skinz was started out of love and passion. I love to hear inspiring stories of motherhood and especially like to support Mom-prenuers. UV Skinz was started in 2005, when Rhonda Sparks (Founder and UV Team Captain) lost her 32-year-old husband to melanoma, the deadliest from of skin cancer. She took her loss and turned it into a life long mission to protect kids and adults from the sun.

UV Skinz are not just for swimming. Because of the breathable light weight feel these skinz can be worn while doing all sorts of outdoor activities. And like I said, Journey wanted to sleep in hers and I’m sure she is not the only tot so comfortable in their shirts that they won’t take them off! You don’t have to worry about itchy skin because UV Skinz are chemical-free and silky-smooth.

So, while Journey and I were giving the shirt it’s test run I couldn’t help but think all day that, “Hey! I want one too!” So, I browsed the catalog and was so amazed at all of the cool colors and designs they have for adults. I know since having two kids I haven’t felt totally comfortable wearing a two piece to the beach, but UV Skinz has new boy cut swim short that coordinate perfectly with their short or long sleeve swim shirts. The whole family can wear these skinz even from age 6 months and up. You can check out all of the UV Skinz swim shirts  at www.uvskinz.com!

I’m very pleased with these swim shirts and even more comitted to keeping my girls, myself and Brett safer in the sun. You should go see what they have to offer and join Rhonda and her UV Team to raise awareness about the potential dangers of the sun and to “get kids covered!”



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  1. That’s a great shirt and she looks totally cute in it! Every summer I see these kinds of shirts around and then I kind of choke on the price. But, you’re right, sun protection is really important.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I’ve been looking for something like this. My skin color is close to albino, so my boys were so lucky to inherit it.

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