Being kid-free this weekend really helped me to get a jump start and a change in attitude. I was talking to a long time friend of mine and she helped me to realize that I am the Mother, the back bone of the family. If I want to see change then I have to be the one leading it. For too long I have just been ok with the way things have gone. I have not been myself. For whatever reason I had become kind of stuck. Not setting my goals anymore, not being the go-getter person that I used to be (before kids). I don’t want things to stay the same anymore. I have devoted my whole life to my two girls, nurturing them and caring for them 24/7 for the past 2 1/2 years. But I haven’t given them all of me. I know you’re thinking how much more could you give your child. I feel like I was short-changing myself and so from that–not giving them all I really have.

I gave myself a new attitude this weekend. I promised Brett that I would help him and be even more patient so that he can focus on himself and his goals. I have to take control of my family, no one else will. We have to move forward together towards the life that we want for us and our girls. I have made a daily schedule for myself that includes time for me (yoga in the morning), for my girls (always they get all the time!), for Brett (nightly foot rub because he says my hands are magic and make his pain go away whenever I touch him) and for Sterling because he has gotten a little lost in all of this too. So far, two days into it I’ve done very well. My house is clean (yea!) and I feel like I am making progress. 

I really got a lift from hearing this Alicia Keys song, Superwoman. I actually started crying because it just touched me so deeply. As a woman, mother, lover, daughter, everything–I am ultimately Superwoman. Not saying I can do everything without the help of a man or loved ones, but that I am a strong woman. Made from a long line of very strong women; my mother, grandmother and all the mothers before her.

I always prided myself in being a self-reliant woman before I had kids. I played football in college, I wasn’t a prissy-I-need-a-man-to-change-my-tire-kind-of-girl. I could do things for myself. Even though I was a strong woman before now I believe the only way to become a Superwoman is to give more and think less of yourself. When I became a mother that is exactly what happened. This song touched me because the pressure can be so great, but no matter what we can persevere and survive.

I have been telling Reneca lately that sometimes we get stuck in such a rut that we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the talents we have. We joke around with the phrase, “I am woman. Hear me roar!” It’s funny, but has a lot of truth. We need to have that confidence and the attitude that we are strong. I have begun to find my confidence in myself and my talents. I have to adjust my attitude and be the Kalisha that I have known for so long, but has seemed to have gotten lost.

My goal is to only look forward, be confident, be aggressive for the things that I want, continue to give motherhood 100%, give Brett 100% and to just be the Superwoman that I know I am.

We all have to embrace that. Mothers need more support from each other because we are all dealing with the same situations. We all want the best for our families and ourselves. We are woman! Hear us roar!

Below is the video, Superwoman. Listen to it this morning and I hope that you have a great week! Let me know your thoughts on being a Superwoman and a Mother!


Also! I’m entering in the “Sleeping Angel” Photo Contest

Here is a pic of Journey and Faith “sleeping” outside on our patio one late afternoon…They look so cute! But they would look cuter if they were sleeping in the Lily Rose Bedroom set that 5minformom is giving away!


3 Responses

  1. I love this post. On so many levels it is exaclty what I needed to read at this very second. I need to refocus. I need to remember that I can provide everything my family needs. I need to make a schedule that really includes time for everyone and everything….including me. Good for you! Thank you!

  2. Just got a chance to read this post! Sounds like you’ve made some great resolutions!

    I like your idea of a schedule. As much as I resist the idea of a structured schedule, let’s face, once you’ve got kids sometimes that’s the only way to make sure everything important gets done!

    Good luck with what you’re aspiring to do!

  3. […] motherhood, tackle it tuesday trackback It’a been one week since I have been making a change in my attitude and life. I have been sticking to my schedule and trying to be more positive, think more positive and be in […]

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