EcoBrain: Green Books for Green Living

Going to the library is a weekly routine and I always love to search the used book section. This past week I felt like I struck gold–it was buy one get one free! The library sells it’s overstock paperback at .25 each and the hard cover books at .50. This time we came out with 3 books for the girls and one very cool book (Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much) for me. I have always been a bookworm and usually cheap and free are at the top of my list. I would rather buy a used book before I buy a new book. That’s just how I’ve been since I could read. My first memory of buying my own books was at the book swap we had every year in elementary school. I think it worked this way; you bring your old books you want to swap and you can pick the same number from the books collected. This is where I get my rush from shopping. It’s all about the bargain.

Reneca believes in getting used books as well.  She just got a huge box of preschool books from her neighbor.  In her opinion it always better to reuse things rather than buy new.  Finding books for free coincides with her mission in life: Bargains. 

 In this day and age it’s about the bargain but also about living green. You hear that slogan everywhere but how do you live green? Where do you learn to do that? How can you be more ‘green’ when it comes to books? There is a new family owned online ebook store, EcoBrain,  that provides ‘quality material that is fairly priced, respects the earth and helps to educate customers about living a greener life’. 

EcoBrain provides many ebooks covering different subjects, but all with the environment in mind. Some of the categories that caught my eye where cooking, ecobrain kids, and gardening. The prices also seemed reasonable ranging from $1 to $20 and above. Downloading an ebook gives you the option of reading from your computer, hand-held device or printing off the pages you want on recycled paper. EcoBrain also provides the opportunity for new publishers to produce their material more quickly, cheaply, and profitably.
What EcoBrain has come up with is amazing and I’ve come up with the top three reasons that you should go check it out for yourself;

  • EcoBrain is an easy website to navigate with prices and subjects to interest anybody.
  • Each time you purchase an ebook you are saving a tree! So far there are 10,704 trees saved and counting!
  • Your ebook will never get little sticky fingerprints and you won’t find scribbling love notes from your preschooler inside.
  • EcoBrain is very dedicated to spreading the word about their efforts to support sustainability and green living. They are allowing us the chance to GIVEAWAY a very cool ebook to one lucky blogger!

    This is our first giveaway! Yipee! The prize is an ebook from EcoBrain, Radical Simplicity, by Jim Merkel . I know that I get confused trying to figure out what’s recyclable or not. And this book is the first book that guides the reader to a personal sustainability goal. You should click the link and check it out!

    How to enter: (Remember it’s FREE FREE FREE FREE!)

    Leave a comment with your email address.

    The contest deadline is October 12.
    We will accept entries until 12noon PST.
    The winner will be announced on Tuesday, Oct. 14!
    If you want an extra entry then write a post about the EcoBrain Giveaway on your site and link back to us.
    Goodluck to everyone! And don’t forget to spread the word!

    Kalisha and Reneca

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