Extraordinariness of the ordinary

It’a been one week since I have been making a change in my attitude and life. I have been sticking to my schedule and trying to be more positive, think more positive and be in the moment (stop worrying).

This whole past week hasn’t been perfect though. There have been moments when I have been down on myself and worrying too much, but I have had help to keep up my positive attitude and lots of encouragement (Thank You; Brett, Reneca, Desiree, and Judy!)

I have been working on being more proactive and not procrastinating. Procrastinating has always been my biggest fault. I have learned that almost all things do not benefit from procrastination. So, I have been more proactive in my stainfighting, more proactive in keeping dishes out of my sink by washing them right away, and also by training myself to put things back where they belong right away. I’m notorious for walking over a block on the floor a million times before I pick it up or have Journey pick it up. When did I get so far from the floor!? Now I understand why my Mom would pick up things with her feet! lol (I hope she didn’t mind sharing that!)

Now I really want to work on noticing the extraordinariness of the ordinary.

“We are standing on a hill of diamonds and we are looking for the gold mine beyond the next ridge.”

Anne Wilson Schaff

I would like to take a lesson from my two year old who sees beauty and importance in things I pass over everyday. She finds a rock and holds it tight in her tiny fist like it is a rare jewel. She bravely runs into the ocean wanting to go further past each wave so fearless.

I will take the lesson from Journey to just live. To be alive to experience the extraordinariness of the ordinary so that I can be open to the miracles of everyday life. Yesterday I wrote down some ordinary things that are miracles that I’m thankful for;

  1. The cool breeze I feel through my kitchen window while I wash the dishes.
  2. Eating big, sweet, juicy, crunchy green grapes.
  3. Listening to my erykah badu cd…my favorite song is “I’m an Orange Moon” (I think that is the title–that is what I call it anyway).
  4. Watching Journey and Faith show each other affection and sweetness.

I’m glad that I wrote them down and ultimately became more aware of them. Miracles are around us and we have to be present to each moment to see them. Try to see the extraordinariness of the ordinary for yourself this week (and try to say that five time fast!). I feel that this is something that I can do. I can be thankful for the simple things I have and keep pushing forward to achieve my dreams.

Thank Goodness I have walked in circles long enough to wear the soles of my shoes so thin that the diamonds on which I stand can now get my attention. –Anne Wilson Shcaff

Take Care and to see more tackles head over to 5minformom!

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  1. That was wonderful, thank you for sharing it. 🙂

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