The simple things in life

Good Morning!  I first want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Duan.  He turned the big 30 on Tuesday.  The girls had lots of fun with him.  They decorated the basement and themselves to give him a huge tea party with all of their stuffed animals as guests.  Its amazing what a little crate paper can do to a room. ~ It was festive~.  We also made him a happy birthday banner which the girls colored.  30 is supposed to be the age of enlightenment so I’ll let you know how that one turns out!

Duan, the kids and Momma Ruff

Duan, the kids and Momma Ruff

I made him a tres leches cake.  It was delicious.  Try the recipe it worked out very well.  I didn’t use all the sugar it asked for I substituted agave nectar for about half of it.  I also added a bit more vanilla (Duan likes vanilla flavor).  Next time I’m going to get adventurous and try to flavor the cake with fruit.  The whole concept of the cake is to soak it in liquid so that it is very, very moist.  So in theory you could soak it what ever flavored liquid you want, right?

I’ll try it and let you know how it turned out. 

*Note to Duan:  I love you.  You continue to be an inspiration to my life.  XOXOX!*


The other day I was playing with Kaleah and I got down on my knees and walked around with her.  Do you know what I realized?  She’s little.  I really couldn’t stop thinking, ‘Dang your little’.  As the older child shes grown up so quick and has taken the role of lil’ momma.  But at that moment it hit me, she is only 5; still such a baby.  Especially since I’ve had DJ I’ve seen her as such a big girl.  I’ve come to understand that as I start to give her more and more freedoms, I still have to remember the simplicity of her world. 

To her the couch is huge, the ceiling is like 50 ft high, the hallway seems to go on forever. No wonder when we go to the park she feel like she’s in a play heaven.  Everything is so great, especially candy which has a certain euphoric property.  Do you remember how wonderful you felt when you got that special treat? What was it?  Candy, ice cream, bubble gum?  Whatever it was eat it now like you did when you were a child.  Savor each bite. Enjoy the aroma, the texture, and the atmosphere.

We could really learn a lot from our children. It is all about staying in the moment, which they are pros at! 

Today enjoy the simplicity of the world. 

Much Love, Reneca


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