Flies…oh my!

We are really looking forward to the change in season and colder weather. Not only because dressing in warm layers is cuddly, but because colder weather means death to the flies! This summer we have been at war with flies. Those little pesky things have infiltrated our houses; driving us absolutely insane chasing them.  Reneca and I have become expert kung-fu fly ninjas. Learning to swat those flies right out of the air with a stealth snap of the dishcloth. Now the weather is on our side and we have already noticed the retreat of the flies and are celebrating our victory! Until we meet again next summer…dun dun duuunnn!

Here are some fly jokes courtesy of http://jokesnjokes.net

  • What is the difference between a fly and a bird?
    A bird can fly but a fly can’t bird!

  • Why did the fly fly?
    Because the spider spied ‘er. 

  • What goes “snap, crackle and pop”?
    A firefly with a short circuit! 

  • Which fly makes films?
    Stephen Speilbug! 

  • If there are 5 flies in the kitchen how do you know which one is the American Football player?
    The one in the sugar bowl!

  • Why were the flies playing football in sauce
    They where playing for the cup! 

  • How do fireflies start a race?
    Ready steady glow! 

  • What did one firefly say to the other?
    Got to glow now! 

  • Why did the firefly keep stealing things?
    He was light fingered! 

  • How do you keep flies out of the kitchen?
    Put a pile of manure in the living room!
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    Kalisha and Reneca


    One Response

    1. We actually had to put up fly tape it was so bad! Then I ran around the house trying to shoo the flies towards the tape! Yuck! Gross! Ewww! Now the flies are starting to simmer down, but–strangely–we are starting to get plagued by mosquitoes! I thought they’d go away with the flies, but I guess not. Oh well, fall is still totally beautiful and I still want winter to hold off another couple months!

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