Two questions…

This past Friday night, as I was blogging  organizing for my garage sale I began to realize a few things and ponder over some questions that came up.

It was 9pm on a Friday night and our blog stats had plummeted to almost nothing. I was in shock! Where were the blog readers? Was I the only one spending Friday night in front of my computer, eating a bowl of chips and wearing yoga pants even though I didn’t ‘work out’ once that day? So, my first question is: What does everyone doing at 9pm on a Friday night?

I had just tucked Journey in bed and I hopped online to just browse around. I knew what Reneca was doing; she had just gotten home from a marriage dedication and was putting her children to bed. So, what was everyone else doing?

Out tearing up the night?! Or sipping martinis at some chic nightclub?! What the heck! I felt like–where are all the bloggers?!

I was left a little speechless because I enjoy seeing the rise and not so much the fall of our blog stats. When I see that black blue line peak I get excited. But seeing it drop so low made me wonder. It’s probably silly that I check the stats anyway. Could just be because I am so new to blogging that I check it like I used to check my daughters breathing while they would sleep as babies. It’s kind of like a ritual. I log on, check my stats, browse my fav. bloggers and blog surf.

So, that brings me to my second question. Are you a blog stats checker? How often do you check your stats? and is it “cool” to do? Or am I being so lame by caring how many people click on my posts? Maybe I should be more focused on other things? I don’t know. I feel like I will always check my stats even if I had over a thousand a day. That’s just the way I am. I remember when I was in High School I would want to know the exact percentage I was so that if I was below an  A I knew how many more points I needed to raise my grade.

I will feel somewhat fulfilled if I only knew the answers to those two questions. Please let me know; What are you doing at 9pm on a Friday night? and Are you a blog stats checker? I’m really looking forward to hearing what you have to say!



4 Responses

  1. 9:00 pm on Friday, I am usually still laying beside my Hali trying to get her to fall asleep so that I can get on the laptop and browse blogs. Or watch a movie with the hubs. Or both.

    No, you are no loser for checking your stats- atleast you own up to it! We all do it, but you are cool enough to say you do! It’s kinda like farting: we all do it, ya it stinks, but you can’t help it- so own up to it if you let one lose! Don’t pretend like you didn’t do it!

  2. Ha! Isn’t blogging sometimes like high school?!

    Well, on Friday night I was heading out with the family on a weekend trip to see some leaves and pick some apples. I suspect many of your readers took advantage of the three day weekend and were not around their computers.

    I don’t check my stats at all on my blog, but only because I don’t have any kind of fancy stats checker. You have a black line that rises and falls? Sounds cool. I just have a number that counts people coming to my blog but that’s it. And it doesn’t count people who arrive at my blog through their RSS feeder. So it’s kind of pointless. Still, nice to see it go up. Sometimes I’m reading someone’s blog and they say, “Someone looked at my blog from Tunisia!” and I’m totally in awe that they know such a thing. I would like to know where my readers are from, but I really haven’t figured out how. I just figure “If people read it, they read it; if they don’t, I still want to write it.”

  3. Do I check my stats? Not often but occasionally.

    What do I do at 9pm on a friday night? After the youngest one goes to bed my oldest, my husband and I sit it front of the TV together and watch one of our shows.


  4. My morning ritual is to first check my stats and then check my email. Then check the blogs on my feed. It’s an obsession. If my stats are high I usually yell upstairs to my husband and wake him up with an excited number. I’m sure he has no idea why he’s being woken up to the words, “197! 197! Can you believe it? 197?” LOL


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