More Giveaways, A Winner and an Award!!

Wow! There is just good cheer circulating all over the place. We just finished our first blog giveaway and it was a lot of fun as well as a learning experience. The more and more we blog the more we love it and we find ourselves getting sucked into the blog ‘o sphere! Maybe too much!

Thanks to EcoBrain and Green and Clean Mom we had the chance to have our first giveaway. It has ended and the lucky winner of the Jim Merkel ebook, Radical Simplicity is……….drum roll please!…………..Veronica Garrett! Congratulations! picked her as the lucky winner and I hope she enjoys her new ebook! Thanks to everyone for participating and we hope to have more giveaways!

Check this out! 

We have been awarded the “I love your blog” award, not once but twice! Thanks so much to Parenting Pinkfor passing on the bloggy love to us. Reneca and I both absolutely love her pink theme and very humorous posts. Thank You! Now we have to pass this award on…soon!

Head over to Grocery Mama for a giveaway that I couldn’t pass up! She is giving away a Good Housekeeping Book that is a must have in this up and down economy!


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  1. Congrats ladies! I love your blog too!!! So glad you’re getting some blog love. : )

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